Monday, June 12, 2017

Bible Journaling: My beginning.

I'm not even sure where to begin this post because I've been gone for so long and my scrapbooking has kind of fell to the wayside; when I haven't had projects to do or pictures to take. But I have taken a new adventure that I want to show you guys!! 

There's this new trend popping up in the scrapbook world for those whom are spiritual called bible journaling. I'm sure this isn't anything new, as I've heard all the time of people keeping valuable information in their bibles as well as their own notes. But this kind of takes a cross of scrapbooking materials with your own notetaking/artwork in the bibles.  Search it on Instagram or  my Pinterest- theres so many examples! 

I did my first page based on my favorite verse- Phil 4:13. I saw this quote among my supplies and felt that it went perfect with the verse. Used acrylic paints with a palette knife to create the background along with stamps.
I have always felt connected with my spiritual side. I just didn't think I found a way or a place to express myself in a way that I felt comfortable with. When I discovered bible journaling, I decided this just may be the moment it clicks for me.

The background is various watercolors along with stamping. I used some printables from the Print & Pray shop as well as various alphas I had in my stash that went perfectly with the bold colors!  Lyrics from Resurrecting. 

I saw this as an opportunity to explore a church that friends of mine have talked about. It can't hurt to explore something new. Even the fact that I've upset people by taking this journey, I think I've found something that comforts me. I'm excited about church- I love the music, the sermons. Kinda just reaches in for me.

Again I did some watercolor technique in the background, using various alphas and embellishments from Illustrated Faith. Lyrics from Good, Good Father. 

Anyways so to take all that information- I've processed it in to my own bible pages that I'm showing you! I bought a special journaling bible to use for this purpose. Journaling bibles come with a 2 in margin which makes for great space to use so you don't have to cover up too much of the Word if you don't prefer. A lot of the stuff I have gathered is from the Illustrated Faith product line by Bella Blvd- although being I have a zillion alphas- those are various companies. Need to use stuff before I buy more and alphas are for sure- the thing I have far too many of.  

I love that I have came across this idea, this is only the beginning of the journey and I can't wait to keep showing you what I create!  

xo. Renee