Thursday, December 29, 2016

Fitness Planning for Dec. 12- 25.

So I have missed a week of showing you my fitness for the week, but you didn't miss much on either week. Seems the cold weather and tons of snow liked to take a hold of my plans! But I did manage to get some work outs in even with it all plus the holidays! 

Still keeping the same routine so it's not too exciting but alternating arm/leg work outs with a run and cardio warm up! :) I just like decorating each week so at least something looks different even if it isn't the work out! Ha!  

I also have been posting some pictures of my work out on Instagram ( Welcome new followers! ) - loving playing with the photo editing apps. I think this new one I've been trying is called PicsArt. Awesome fun filters- makes my work out photos look more exciting, bahaha. 

Don't ask about the face, I have no idea! It's hard to plank and take timer selfies :) But I love the photo, just makes me smile for some ungodly reason! I end each work out with planks and other core work outs.  This week I ran a total of 7 miles, which I thought wasn't too bad with missing a few days due to weather. 

We won't talk much about this week, a whole lot of not feeling good, and Christmas got me some itty bitty work outs. I just ran a total of 4.25 miles but it's better than nothing. I'm hoping to step it up more this week but I still have been having some tummy issues and so I've been doing small work outs.  Hopefully by time the New Years comes, I'll be feeling fresh and rejuvenated.  

Hope you all had a wonderful holiday!  This is also my 100th entry!! Too bad it wasn't more exciting but I have great news and plans for the new years coming up soon so stay tuned!! :)

xo. Renee

Friday, December 23, 2016

Happy Holidays.

I'm always inspired by people on Instagram but lord if I ever write down who it is so I can give them credit, I promise this wasn't my idea. Although- I would love to say I was that creative first. The tree. That is the creative genius of some amazing scrapbooker on Instagram that I lifted.  

I took one of my favorite new papers that I got at Paper Issues by Photo Play. It has all different forms of pretty christmas trees .. can't get enough! I cut it up in strips, than cut in to the paper just a little bit to create some fringe look on the bottom. I also had bought a bunch of different colors of this adhesive fringe banner from Michaels. So I did every other one the paper as well as the green banner every other on to a scrap piece of paper-which I then cut out in a shape of a tree. ( Did any of that make sense? ) Wham! 

So while creating this said tree, I thought it would go perfect with a picture of my sweet kitty I took next to the tree. We have a dog, so we've resorted to a small tree in which we sit on a card table in front of the window. We. are. classy.  Anyways, it had snowed the night before so I woke up to my cat admiring the world outdoors from the card table.

The rest of the embellishments are literally a hodge podge of past christmas goodies I had compiled in a box. I was excited to be able to use up a bunch of the past stuff but of course, I have a ton more I could use. WHO CANT LET GO OF CHRISTMAS STUFF?!  Me. That's whom. It'll probably be doing a whole lot of Christmas layouts to come in this month (aka week.)- whew thank goodness it's December and acceptable :D

I do hope though, if I don't blog before Christmas- that you all have a blessed holiday- however you choose to celebrate. <3 p="">


Thursday, December 15, 2016

Fitness Planning from Dec.5-11

Well I'm a couple days late then I wanted to be with this post! But with the weather blistering cold and my car not starting-my trip to the gym was cancelled so blogging it will be!  I have been doing a great job keeping up with my work outs- and thankful for my new Happy Planner Mini to log all my work outs in!  I think the mini is more my style - it's small, to the point. Also not going to lie- I've been kind of obsessed with decorating it :) I'm a nerd.

This week was very similar to last week- in which I started each day- alternating between riding the bike or elliptical for 15 minutes for a warm up.   

Monday - I did an arm work out that I found on Pinterest, I think I touched base on that last week. I'm a Pinterest stalker and find random work outs and save them to a folder to try later.  Followed by a 1.5 mile run. 

Tuesday - Leg work out (Again, the Pinterest thing.) with a 1.25 run afterwards.

Wednesday - I just did my cardio warm up and 1.75 mile run.

Thursday - Arm work out and a two mile run. It's been so long since I've ran 2 miles straight, it felt so needed.  I'm taking things slow- trying to not to injure myself and find my running again. Sometimes it sucks to take time off, but sometimes it just makes things exciting again. 

Friday- took a rest day :)

Saturday-  did a leg work out  along with a 1.25 mile run.

Sunday- 1.5 run and an arm work out.

Also each day, I do 30 second planks- side, elbow, and full plank. Sometimes also some russian twist with a kettlebell. I'm working it up slowly with the planks, I've always been horrible with them!! But momma needs some abs. 

Total miles : 9.25 miles

I love using the bright color stickers as well as all the fitness stickers! I 'm also trying to keep track of various things I need to do also- but that part is somewhat hard. Don't ask why. I'm a huge list person- I make them all the time at work to take home. (Always remember stuff when I'm doing something else, logical.) I'm just so excited that so far it's been working really well on both the fitness and planner front! This week has been a bit of a hassle but I'll tell you about it next post!!

xo. Renee

Saturday, December 10, 2016

Autumn Drinks.

I love me all things fall, it's my favorite season! I'm sure you've caught on to that, maybe not! But I love all the pumpkin things, all the orange colors. What's not to love? So when I found this Hello Fall line from Simple Stories- I milk it til the last scrap is left.  Just like every drop of both of my favorite fall drinks! 

For this challenge at the Paper Issues Fall Crop, we had to make a page based off a mood  board designed by one of their fabulous ladies. Of course, it was all things fall so I couldn't wait to get down with these last fall photos. 

Being I was running low on what's left of this line, I fussy cut things out of the pocket page papers to use as embellishments. Love using each bit of the papers that I can, which makes my scrap pile look crazy huge as I can't let anything go! I love how it turned out even with little bits and pieces! 

I'm also having a hard time letting go of all these things fall but the snow has fallen today so I know I need to move on to my Christmas drinks that I'm sure I'll be showing you in a great page soon! 

xo. Renee

Tuesday, December 6, 2016


Back in November, gosh- has it literally been a month since the Fall Crop? Okay, So I'm drastically behind on getting these pages up for you to look at but being this one is winter- maybe its perfect? 

This challenge was called "Don't Fall off the Edge..." where you had to focus on the center of the page for your layout / design. 

I can't get enough of the new line from Crate Paper called Cocoa and Snow. It's so dang cute and the colors are just fun for the wintertime instead of the normal darker shades. I don't have a ton of pictures from the wintertime so I went trolling on to my sister's facebook page and saw this cute picture of her with her husband. I thought it would work perfectly for this line!  

I loved the challenge of trying to not use the edge- I got a little close but I have a tendency to use the edge in a lot of my pages so it was something new for me. I used the middle for the photo and cluster I built with the embellishments. Than built the up and down with word stickers from the collection. I had to add the little girl and boy - they are just precious stickers with falling snow. 

I hope you enjoy this page! I just love this collection and can't get enough of it- expect it to pop up again, or a lot :P Also, take the time to challenge yourself in creating a page that's unusual for your style, never know- may become your new favorite! 

xo. Renee