Friday, August 25, 2017

When I Needed A Paw ....

When I said this was a tough summer, that wasn't even all that this summer entailed. If one animal in our family passing wasn't enough, we had to lose them both. 

The beginning of this summer shortly after we found out that Pumpkin had diabetes, we had to make the unfortunate choice of putting down our sweet girl, Sienna. She had also been having a rough few months- just not eating much of anything and having other stomach issues that were out of the normal for her. We've seen a few vets, taken on the blood test, and did all the x-rays. But nothing was really pointing in our favor for answers. She was acting normal for the most part, still her bouncy loving self. So that's what was making it all so difficult.  

Again, it was just her acting very strange one day that just made Dad think- this is just the end of the road for her and suffering anymore would just be unnecessary. Because as much as she wasn't showing it, she had to be at some extent and a great faker. After a talk with the vet, a decision was made.  We all took our time with her giving her tons of hugs, letting her run freely around the yard, and shedding too many tears. Our leading lady would have to cross the bridge. 

It still stings all the time not to have her in our house, she along with her brother Jake whom my sister with her husband adopted 11 years ago became a big part of our lives. My dad couldn't stand the thought of them having to be separated if that would to happen; so when my sister made the move to the big cities- our house is where they came. To say my Dad loved them would be an understatement, not that he would ever turn down an animal; but his heart surely grew a million sizes when he met these two pups. 

Losing Jake two summers ago was difficult, oddly enough - it was when I had my break up. Sienna and I took many nights running/walking to just ease the pain. We had something in common- losing our boys. I also took a chance on Sienna that summer, letting her explore the world without a leash. Weird- I know- but she's a runner, without her leash we'd assume she'd be in New York. But she proved us all wrong and trotted along side of us around the yard - we wished everyday we had tried it sooner perhaps it was just in timing. 

Who knew that her last year of her life would be filled with endless car rides, tons of running adventures- she surely couldn't have been happier. Maybe it was just how it was meant to be. I miss her everyday- still can't look out my bedroom window without looking down at her kennel waiting for her to be looking up at me with her wiggly butt. The happy thought I keep thinking though is that she's finally with her best friend Jake again, I can't even imagine what their reuniting was like in heaven. Bouncing around and licks for sure. 

When I needed a hand, she surely did give me her paw- time and time again.  

Love you Sienna. 

xo. Renee

Thursday, August 24, 2017

My Hardest Goodbye.

I think I knew this would be one of the hardest summers from the beginning.  

I found out early in May that my sweet love ( my cat, Pumpkin.) was sick with diabetes.  I knew the results before she even told me, he was acting just as our past cat had when he was sick. I just was hoping maybe , just maybe- something else was wrong. Of course, she offered the choices- and to each their own, I weighed the pros and cons. My choice was not easy but I knew that I didn't have the time nor the adequate money at this time to give him the care that I know deep inside he deserved. 

So I spent my time cherishing every hug... every meow. I knew I was definitely battling time with my soul mate. It sounds bizarre, trust me- I'm well aware. How do I go thinking that my cat could be my soul mate? Maybe he isn't. But he definitely feels like one of my great loves.  

I got him when I was living on my own in my favorite apartment back in 2006. I had struggled a lot for a while with different things and it came to a time where everything had finally came to a stand still. I felt it was time for a pet. So I went to Pet Smart to look in the little adoption corner and there I spotted 3 orange kittens. I know I played with one of them before I played with Pumpkin but all I can remember is him hiding behind my feet. I told him to come out little pumpkin. I bought an orange color and claimed him as my mine.  

With all my life changes, even when I left him behind- he was my one thing that remained the same. He greeted me when I came home to visit, waited by my door for me to wake up. His love for his family was more than apparent - always checking on his people when he knew something was wrong. Even in happy moments, keeping conversations with his meows. His conversational skills could put most grown humans to shame.  He was so smart, so tricky. But yet, so unlike any other cat I've ever met. 

There's so many words to use for him and yet, I'm at a loss on how just to put it so it does justice. 

I prepared myself because I knew it was coming with each passing day. I just told myself I wanted to end this before I felt he was suffering. I literally had a conversation with my best friend days before that I just felt it was time. I felt he was ready to be home. That next day he just wasn't himself at all... we called the vet... she never answered. But I held him in the hallway and told him it was okay. I loved him with all of my heart. No one could replace my Monkey.  We all went to sleep and Pumpkin passed away. 

And that morning to keep my mind preoccupied, I made this page of a few of the selfies I made him suffer through. It was the only thing I could think of. Seems like when life goes all wrong, scrapbooking is my therapy. I used the sketch from the Paper Issues Sketch Challenge this month, and it worked perfectly. Also, I finally also got to use up what was left of my Cocoa Vanilla  Wild @ Heart collection. Turned out perfect for my love for Pumpkin. 

Love you more than words Monkey. 

xo. Renee

Thursday, August 3, 2017

A Beautiful Wedding.

So earlier this summer I was in an old and dear friend's wedding, I know we haven't kept in contact as much as we should of being we're both in the same town. But that's always how life happens. It definitely came as a shock to me that she asked me to be a part of her day, but I couldn't say no- we were so close for so long. Who knew our middle school dreams would actually come true? ( Now I need to work on that part, 

But I have to say as confused as I started out being, it has become one of my favorite memories of this summer and turned out so beautiful. I had to scrapbook the photos! Hell, if I'm not getting married- someone should be. And I want to capture it. 

I followed with the same trend I've been doing this summer- which is using the hell out of my stash. It's going to die one day right?? Probably not, but a girl can dream.  On Paper Issues' Facebook group, one of the challenges was to scraplift a page that looked fairly similar to this page. So when I saw the lady used tons of squares/scraps to form some quilted pattern on the bottom- boom, this will work perfect with my stash. I gathered similar collections if you can't tell- majority Crate Paper or Maggie Holmes and went to town forming some pattern on the bottom half of the page.  I just layered behind the photos with various other pieces of the paper as well as clustered embellishments that matched with it. It turned out just perfect! I loved that I had these two coordinating pictures also that made this page so easy to do!! 

I also came up with this gem using a photo of me carrying my bouquet and shoes which I thought was so pretty. I used the same stash I built up for the other page except took it in a different direction. Using some mixed media/water color behind the clusters of embellishments. Loved finally using more of my flowers I had leftover. I also love how I used the XOXO glitter piece. I've loved it for a while and never knew how to use it in a way that I would love it. I think this is honestly one of my favorite pages I've done. Just makes me happy. 

I will have a few more pages with this wedding, I can't wait to show you them when I get a chance to take photos of them! I also am loving using up my stash and cranking out gems I didn't know were possible!!  Thanks for checking out on what I've been doing, share your work also!!

xo. Renee

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Scrapping Summer.

Now that I'm trying to get my blog back in action, I wanted to show you some of my latest pages I've been doing! This summer so far with my scrapbook pages I have been trying to use up my stash.  

Which surprisingly has gone really well!! Too bad I have more stash than I know what to do with.. But I haven't bought in a little while either which is a plus! Although I'm sure Cassie (my dealer, aka owner of Paper Issues.) would disagree. 

I had a few photos from things I've done this summer that I thought I'd scrapbook. Granted I have plenty of summer lines - newer than these- but I have to just get some of this out of my way. 

In the thought of using up stash, I have plenty of alphas up the gazoo to also use. So I thought I'd take this page in a mixed media direction by scattering the alphas then covering with gesso. Also splotching some cordinating watercolor around the alpha clusters.   I have been hoarding this Simple Stories Summer Line - Summer Vibes.  I just love the colors also the ombre /sunset look. So I thought no better time than now to use it! Documenting playing some corn hole with my bestie and her family.  I may or may not have had to con her brother in to taking photos so I could actually be in one, but I got it! 

 I did another page with my Simple Stories stash except this time with their other summer collection- You Are Here. I saw a page with someone using their paper strips behind the photo, so I took bits of the collection I had left to do the same. As well as did it for another cluster where I would include the journaling. I'm glad I actually have been taking photos this summer,  I thank snapchat for being there  for me. Haha, also that my story is available for 24 hours- plenty of time to remember to screen shot the photos. 

I know I've been a bit sparse this summer but I have been scrapbooking some so I will be filling you in on my pages! I am not quite sure what happened but I let this blog fall to the wayside. I promise I will be trying hard to capture that back up. Also I need to fill you in on other parts of my life, so hopefully you'll stick around as I chase my miles and create my memories once again. 

xo. Renee