Thursday, February 25, 2016

Yoda Blaize.

I really can't get over doing re-dos. I feel like every time I look at my scrapbooks- I find a page that I could tweek in to something completely different.  Funny thing is- I just did the page I'm re-doing not even a few months ago - one of my first pages with mixed media but it turned out to be kind of a hot mess. 

I think when I did this page I wanted so badly to match up the colors that I kind of ending up losing sight of what I was doing. I wanted to make a page about my sweet Blaize  ( I swear over and over again, I love my other two cats ) and this photo of him sporting Yoda Ears.  The green color popped out and I wanted to tie in  the other colors in the one paper I thought had that green color. It just wasn't pretty in my opinion. 

So I redid the page with a great cut file from The Cut Shoppe. I thought being Yoda was in Star Wars- that I should use stars. I again kind of used the green color, but I kind of took a different twist with it- the green with blues. I found old stickers in my stash from October Afternoon that had some space themes to it also used neutral/blue Crate Paper ephemera.    I love the way it turned out this time around. 

I just love that John found the Yoda ears at the Pet store. He's a fan of the Star Wars craziness and it would be perfect for his cat to be dressed like Yoda. Blaize also is just a pretty chill cat that he took it with pride and wore the ears like a pro.  Ember on the other hand, lasted all but two seconds- the ears made it to the floor. She's a sassy little girl. That just wasn't going to happen.  I'm glad I captured this moment... and re-did the page.

Again, never be afraid to re-do a page if you're not happy with it. The moment deserves to be captured how YOU want it to be remembered :)

xo. Renee

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Scrap Our Stash Sketch Feb

I'm so excited because it's the 24th of the month which means I get to finally show my take on this month's sketch + 3 challenge. I loved putting together this page so much and hope to inspire you with it! 

Scrap Our Stash is a site/group that inspires you to use your stash and supplies. They do 2 challenges a month- one is a stash challenge ( 1st of the month ) and one is a sketch challenge with a stash prompt (15th of the month). The Design Team examples are shown everyday to inspire you to put together a great page!! To learn more you'll have to check out their site at

Here's this month's Sketch + 3 Challenge :

And here is my take on the challenge - I used doily, ephemera, and flair. 

I loved working with this sketch, made me think in ways to utilize it without having multiple coordinating pictures. I used the space to provide a spot for my journaling about my sweet babies.

I don't mean to get emotional but I miss them everyday, it's the hardest part of seperating from a relationship is losing the innocent parts that had nothing to do with any of it. I always have moments where I forget they aren't around and wish they were there. They were so cuddly and loving. Also so goofy and smart. We couldn't have picked out two more perfect kittens, just wish I was able to be around them each day.  Lately, I've been scrapping pictures of them as a therapeutic way to hopefully heal my soul. 

The best part of these challenges is watching my stash dwindle down. So helpful to piece together items I wouldn't have thought to use together but look perfect together in the end. 

Come join us at Scrap Our Stash; I can't wait to see what you all come up with!!  

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Better Together.

There's so many things to tell you about today- I can have no idea where to begin!

First of all - I wanted to share with you this lovely Tombow product that I've actually had for a while - not sure why I haven't whipped it out until now. But trust me- now it's going to be a staple on my desk.  I already use Tombow Mono Aqua glue as my trusty side kick but for smaller spaces such as these delicate cut files- the Tombow Mono Glue Pen puts the perfect layer of glue on directly where you need it to go.  It worked perfectly as I backed the cut file with different pieces of scraps.

(Side note: If you're trying to look for the right adhesive for you- check out this great chart Tombow has made!! )

I came across this photo strip that was taken two summers ago when we were visiting the Mall of America with my best friend & her husband- and realized, I have never scrapped it.  They are literally some of my all time favorite pictures- captures all of us perfectly. We're all so goofy!  It took me a while to literally think of what line I wanted to use with the picture. Than it hit me like a pile of bricks, duh! - the Better Together Collection by Amy Tangerine couldn't be a more better fit!!! 

I love all the pieces of this collection so much- the retro ephemera with things that go BETTER TOGETHER like donuts and coffee, pizza and soda, etc. I backed the cut files with pieces of the cut apart paper- as well as actually pieces from another one of Amy's collection that I couldn't place with it's name. Watercolored some gray in the background as well as some splatters. Than threw clusters of embellishments and thread all over.  Bing Bam Boom... one of my favorite layouts was born :)

I love these three so much. Yes, things have changed but they are all my best friends and life wouldn't be the same without them.  Sometimes things are just better together. 

xo. Renee

Sunday, February 21, 2016

2015 December.

Finally I am done with my 2015 Project Life book, I'm so excited that I actually finished a project. Yes, I have a tendency to be like a dog when someone gives me a bone I'll chew for a while but if you say -squirrel- I totally run off and look. Forget completely about my bone. Crazy analogy but completely true. 

This month I used the new Simple Stories Santa Claus & Co. line.  I loved the red foil they used throughout the line and I made sure to include it all.   First page is pretty simple, but I couldn't not use again- the foil. I included a picture from the girls at work Christmas gathering we had. I love them all so much- I'm a lucky girl to work with wonderful supporting women. ( Others as well, but without these ladies- work would be hard.)

For Christmas, we made a trip up to gather with my Dad's side of the family.  I had drinks with one of my favorite ladies- not my biological cousin but I consider her one. Also, my mom and I decided to play around with her ice cream maker I got her for Christmas. So I had to include the cute little mitten's and Mrs. Claus' Cookie Co stickers. Speaking of which- we need to whip out that machine again soon!! 

I spent New Years with my bestie going around to local bars and checking out the scene. I took a selfie of us early in the night. Also again from Christmas, my cousin whom lives on the East Coast came home with the newborn son. So my dad had to steal as many snuggles as he could. 

I included on the last page the last selfie of 2015, ringing in the new year with all the crazy get up. I also took a sweet picture of my Pumpkin with the Christmas tree.. ( we have a little one that we have a on a table- the dog isn't so gentle with the tree so we've resorted to a small simple one. ) He loves sitting beside the tree on the table and sniffing all the lights / decorations.  He's so sweet.

So that is my end to my 2015 Project Life, I'm so excited that I finished it. Hope you enjoyed all the pages I shared with you. They are all tagged Project Life as well as 2015 - if you want to go back and check them all out!  I can't wait to get started on my 2016 pages.

xo. Renee

Friday, February 19, 2016


I have been saving this picture of the palm trees in California until I could figure out the perfect way to document it.  So last week when I went shopping on my day off... ( gotta love days by yourself shopping.. so relaxing. ) I spotted a paper pack at Michael's that had awesome colors and summer/beach papers.  Also it included purple, if you scrapbook at all- you know purple is a color that is far and few between. I had to grab it.  Although I'll be honest, this is probably the only picture I have that even qualifies as "beachy". So hopefully I'll find some summer photos or take some soon so I can use up the rest of this paper pad.  Or maybe you'll be finding some happy mail coming people's way.  

Anyways, I also saw this challenge on  Let's Get Sketchy that I thought would be perfect for this page. 

There was one page in the paper pack that had various patterns in triangles so I cut them out to use on the page.  I put together bits and pieces of other sheets to make the background as well as fussy cutting the glittery palm tree to add to the side.   I think it turned out fun and summery. So exciting!!


You know I'm a girl from the midwest, when I get excited about seeing a palm tree. )

Hope you guys enjoyed this layout!! Also, go try out the challenges at Let's Get Sketchy! So far this is my second one, and they are so fun as well as easy to incorporate!! 

xo. Renee

Sunday, February 14, 2016

A man and his mouse.

Although it got a ton of likes on my Instagram; I didn't enjoy how this page turned out. I wanted to give an attempt at modeling paste ... clearly got a little chunky and crazy.  I loved this picture of Disney and his lovely mouse, Mickey so much that I felt I needed to re-do it so it would make me as happy as this trip did. 

Back in May, my sister invited me along to Disneyland as she ran in the Tinkerbell 1/2 Marathon. I'm not even sure if I've told you all about this trip or not- but it was absolutely hands down my favorite trip of my life. I may have been I added28 but I've always wanted to go to Disneyworld or Land. I probably acted like I was 5 - just being so excited and soaking up every little detail. 

One of the details would be this sculpture of Disney. All of these amazing things are because of his creativity and dreams as well as many dreams of people on his team. 

Because of the flowers and bright colors, I thought that Maggie Holmes' line Bloom would be perfect for the re-do.  

I added some modeling paste again to incorporate the plus signs in the line in pastel color yellow. I love making clusters of embellishments- there was just so many things I wanted to include. The teacup of flowers and pretty pink bow- ahh! So much cuteness!! 

I hope you enjoy this re-do! Makes me happy to update some of the pages in my new style I've developed and get the prettiness it deserves!! Also- I hope you take the time to spruce up pages you may not be happy with- your memories deserve to shine! 

Xo. Renee

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Scrap Our Stash Stash Feb.

It's the 10th of the month so it's my turn with my take on this month's Stash Challenge at Scrap Our Stash.

Scrap Our Stash is a site/group that inspires you to use your stash and supplies. They do 2 challenges a month - one is a stash challenge (1st of the month) and one is a sketch challenge with a stash prompt (15th of the month).  The Design Team examples are shown everyday to inspire you to put together a great page!  To learn more you'll have to check out their site at

This month we were to make a page using our stash based on this book cover and include two hearts.

This is my take on the challenge!!

I was inspired by the rays in the background of the cover. So I used stencil that was similar to the background rays to cut out different scraps I had left from a SMASH book I ripped apart.  I knew I wanted to document the first apartment I had with my past relationship because it was down right craziness.  

I can't even begin to explain all the things that went wrong- between illegal actions by neighbors, leaky light fixtures- yes, no mistype in that. But it was still perfect in the weirdest ways and we bonded over the silliest things. I will never forget it, that's for sure.

For embellishments I included crazy things I was able to cut out from other pages of the book, it fit perfectly. Also was able to add some Dear Lizzy stickers I had in my stash I never thought I'd be able to use about homes/houses. Which was a perfect fit for this page!  I know this layout is a bit all over the place but I enjoyed the mess and got to use a lot of my stash!! 

Hope I inspired you to get a little crazy with my interpretation of the challenge!! 

xo. Renee

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Laugh + Cheer.

For a while, I've been subscribed to different challenge blogs for scrapbooking/crafting but I have never participated. I know what?! So I got a little crazy and decided to take some challenges head on. I combined two challenges that I saw - and thought would be perfect together.  

One was a moodboard challenge from Scrap the Girls Blog - which was seriously... just straight to my heart but maybe because I can't get enough of gold... and what girl doesn't sometimes just love anything black??  

Also, there was this awesome sketch that I used from Let's Get Sketchy. Perfect for the three selfies I took of myself on New Years Eve. Don't judge, I may or may not have had liquid craziness. 

So here's my take on the combination :)



I wanted to make a page to celebrate the New Years with the selfies I took while waiting for my drinks. I'm excited for everything 2016 has to offer me and I can't wait to make the best out of every moment I can.  I kicked it off with my best friends and a few drinks. It couldn't be any better!  

I wanted to also leave you with a great tip :: 

Maybe it's just me, but I have a tendency to go balls to the wall - start using my strong adhesive and stick things where I want them to go. But best part, or not so much- is when I figure out I definitely dont' like it; than I have to pry it off of page also taking most of the paper off with it. Causing a huge mess and wasting tons of paper/embellishments in the process.

 So with Tombow's Removable Adhesive - I used a nice size strip of it on the back of everything as I was placing it down. It sticks so nice that you can pick the paper up to see your project straight on without falling off. When I went to move things, the embellishments and pictures came right off without any damage.  So it's perfect for that adhesive you need before you decide to test out all the craziness before you make your final decision. Even better, it's able to stick pretty well to even us as your final adhesive- just make sure you have it in every area you want stuck down. 

Hope you enjoyed the tip and give it a go!! 

xo. Renee

Sunday, February 7, 2016

2015 October + November.

I thought I better post the remaining of 2015's Project Life before it becomes 2017.  For the month of October, I used up some of my Amy Tangerine Plus One papers and PL cards - trying so hard to dwindle down my stash but I keep buying new things... it's a hard thing.


Halloween decorations at work. A nice fall run and a trip to the pumpkin patch with my mom.


I gave blood for the first time- wrote some journaling on the event as well as added the sticker they gave me. I also put a picture of me picking my pumpkins from the patch.  Couple of pictures from my friend's Halloween Party she threw.


And for the month of November, I didn't take many pictures but I did use bits and pieces of what's left of the Maggie Holmes Shine collection.  I got my first order at work, went on a run in shorts in the middle of November- followed by our first snow of winter. 

I know this isn't my best recap, I have been horrible at taking pictures with not a lot going on in my life. ( Either, a great or bad thing.)  But I promise to try harder for my 2016. I do have one more recap of December to show you - so I'll be back soon!!! 

xo. Renee

Monday, February 1, 2016

My sweeties.

With all the CHA releases, I fell hard for Crate Paper's Little One. Everything about it. Little cute animals, sweet baby sentiments.  So when it came to my favorite online store, Paper Issues, I bought it... I bought it all.  It was the one line I was SO excited for.   Did I mention yet, that I don't have any children? 

But what I do have are the best niece and nephew an aunt could hope for.  Gosh, I know I've written about them before because I make pages about them often; but I can't even begin to explain how much they mean to me. 

I know sometimes I'm not the greatest aunt, and I hate that they're so far away. When they were born, they became two of the brightest lights in my life.  There's nothing I wouldn't do to make their lives, their world, their day a tad bit better if I could. All they have to do is say Aunt Nee, and I would drop everything.

So with that said, here's my sweet niece Addison on that special day she was born. 

And my sweet nephew Alexander on the special day he was born. 

I hope you enjoy my pages.  I loved having a flashback at these sweet little beebs and it's a great way to document these precious first photos of them. I have had them clearly for years, now I had the perfect line to use for them. And I recommend you to get a million of all of it.  I know now that I've made a nice dent in it. I may have to buy more to hoard.  I think everyone around me should have millions of babies so I can make many many more pages with these cute little animals. 

Hope you have a wonderful night .

xo Renee.