Sunday, February 14, 2016

A man and his mouse.

Although it got a ton of likes on my Instagram; I didn't enjoy how this page turned out. I wanted to give an attempt at modeling paste ... clearly got a little chunky and crazy.  I loved this picture of Disney and his lovely mouse, Mickey so much that I felt I needed to re-do it so it would make me as happy as this trip did. 

Back in May, my sister invited me along to Disneyland as she ran in the Tinkerbell 1/2 Marathon. I'm not even sure if I've told you all about this trip or not- but it was absolutely hands down my favorite trip of my life. I may have been I added28 but I've always wanted to go to Disneyworld or Land. I probably acted like I was 5 - just being so excited and soaking up every little detail. 

One of the details would be this sculpture of Disney. All of these amazing things are because of his creativity and dreams as well as many dreams of people on his team. 

Because of the flowers and bright colors, I thought that Maggie Holmes' line Bloom would be perfect for the re-do.  

I added some modeling paste again to incorporate the plus signs in the line in pastel color yellow. I love making clusters of embellishments- there was just so many things I wanted to include. The teacup of flowers and pretty pink bow- ahh! So much cuteness!! 

I hope you enjoy this re-do! Makes me happy to update some of the pages in my new style I've developed and get the prettiness it deserves!! Also- I hope you take the time to spruce up pages you may not be happy with- your memories deserve to shine! 

Xo. Renee

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