Monday, February 27, 2017

Leave Her Wild @ Paper Issues!

I'm on the Paper Issues blog today with my page I'm about to show you- and I'm so excited about it!! 

Lately Paper Issues has been getting in so many new lines, they are all so beautiful!! And being you all know me so well, I #hadtohaveallthethings. Yup, Gimme. I was very anxious to play with the new Maggie Holmes' Chasing Dreams line. I think it's gorgeous!  

When I got the collection, I couldn't wait to use the paper with the messy watercolor looking pattern on it. ( Not going to lie, I bought two.) I thought it would be perfect to use to back a cut file from a plain white cardstock.  Now I don't know about you guys, but I'm kind of obsessed with the snapchat filters. I always think this flower crown filter makes me look pretty- I can be as nasty as I want but look like a model.  Anyways, I had this gem saved on my phone and thought of the perfect quote that could work for it!

I decided to cut the quote out of the paper using my silhouette, so I designed it along the side - changing / playing with various fonts. I had to fiddle with the paper a bit to figure out a way to best show all the colors/watercolor effect. Finally, I think it turned out perfect! 

I layered behind the photo with various papers from the collection, then embellished all around the photo. The butterflies I fussy cut from one of the sheets and placed them so they'd look like they're coming up from behind the photo. I thought the flowers, butterflies and bird worked so well for this photo/quote. 

I can't get over how much I love how this page turned out- definitely a new favorite!! 

You'll have to pick yourself up some of this great collection! It's so beautiful, the possibilities are endless!! Hope you pick up #allthethings at the Paper Issues store because I would hate to be hoarding beautiful stuff alone!!  While shopping, don't forget to use my name Renee to save yourself 20% off your total!!  

xo. Renee

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Road Trip with Discover USA @ Paper House Productions!

Why hello! I'm up on the Paper House blog with my second post of the month! This time I did a page featuring their new line Discover USA.  I fell in love with it right when I saw it- so many cut apart sheets. There was one for each "section" of the United States plus on featuring road trip sayings! I literally had 3 different pages ready to put together but I decided to start on this one that I am showing you today! 
I didn't realize how many Paper House products I had already hoarded in my supplies before I became a DT member. I was so excited to get to use them finally on a layout! I had bought many things that were road trip/vacation related- so it worked perfectly for this new collection!
I decided to make my own little embellishment by cutting the United States outline out of one of the Paper House mixed cards I already had .. It's kind of crappy fussy cut, no lie but avoid that. I backed it with some paper, threw in some sequins and topped it with an acetate mixed card.  I thought it turned out pretty cute, but I'm kind of bias. 
I provided a list of the items I used with the links, if you're interested in buying some of these great products from their store. What's great is Paper House products are sold at the big box stores such as Hobby Lobby, Michael's or Jo Anns! 

I layered behind the pictures as I always do with pieces of the cut apart paper. I also put one of the cards in the middle. I created a bigger cluster at the top of the right photo and the bottom of the left photo but added little pieces on the opposite.  I also did clusters at the top and the bottom of the page overall. Journaling was part of the bottom cluster so I could somewhat remember what this page was about. For the background of the paper, I cut the sheet in half flipped the top over -piecing them together on another sheet plain paper.
I just love how this page came together for me. I always loved my road trips with John, he always seemed to make things interesting and could make me laugh for hours. So I wanted to document my crazy selfies from our trip to Missouri. Although lets be honest, I can't wait until this summer when I can go on more adventures and document some pages that don't include my ex :P 
I hope you enjoyed this page and can't wait to bring you more work from these great new lines!!
xo. Renee

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Little by Little Spotlight @ Paper Issues!

It's time for another Product Spotlight at Paper Issues!! This time it's Little by Little by Shimelle. It's so dang cute!! I, of course- ordered it all. I'm a hoarder like that. All the animals and pretty colors- how can you not?!! 

With all the cute flowers and little animals, I thought it would be a perfect line for a picture with kiddos. So I did some digging and found these photos of me with my sweet niece having a tea party! I loved a page design I did a while ago that is similar to this so I scraplifted myself.  As always- I have to layer the pictures and throw clusters of embellishments around the photos. I fussy cut the animals out of the cut apart sheet made them look like they were peeking over the edges. A while ago- I bought these fringe borders from Michael's- they had their own adhesive and came in every color- I had to have them all. So I used that in the middle with the aqua I thought matched well.  I wish I had fringe scissors- maybe I need to invest in some :D   

This collection I think is a must have so you need to go to Paper Issues and buy it all! Use my name Renee- for 20% savings off your total!! I think it's just so dang cute! Don't forget to make a page and post it in the Facebook group for a chance to win a gift certificate from Paper Issues!! 

xo. Renee

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Simple Life @ Paper Issues!!

It's time for a Product Spotlight at Paper Issues! And I couldn't be more excited that Ann picked Jen Hadfield's Simple Life.  I ordered all of it when it came out and couldn't wait to dive in! 

The one thing I loved about this line is the "country" feel as well as the vintage feel. I thought it would work perfectly for documenting pictures of my sister's wedding! Her wedding was absolutely gorgeous in this field within the mountains.  I layered some papers at the bottom ripping the edges to create kind of a wavy like boarder, included washi strips in between the layers to make "another layer". Used the same papers I used for that border to layer behind the photo as well. Doing again, the same ripped edge effect. I love me some layers if you haven't noticed, and my clusters of embellishments. It was so hard to figure out which embellishments to use- they are all so cute and it's so hard to part with them. I feel this one will be a hoarded leftover. 

It's been over 10 years since my sister's wedding but it's still one of my favorite days of my life. Yes, her wedding- my favorite day.  I was a blubbery crying mess- weddings make me this way for multiple reasons but it was also my sister's wedding so let's cry some more. It was just an absolutely beautiful day, we've overcame so much stuff to get to that day and yet- it was perfect in every way. She couldn't have found a more perfect person for her and our family love Matt as if he was already our own. Now 10 years later, 2 beautiful children and millions of dreams achieved together.  Just makes me so happy.  

I think I actually may need to buy more of this line so I can document more pictures from their wedding- this line is just perfect for it! And who the hell says you can't wait 10 years to scrapbook an event? While it's still fresh right? Ha. So let's buy all the things, and don't forget to use the code Renee to save 20% off your purchase!! 

It'll be on my doorstep before I know it. Can't wait to see what you come up with! Post your projects at the Paper Issues Friends and Fan's Facebook Group

xo. Renee

Saturday, February 11, 2017

Cut It Up @ Paper Issues.

I don't know how many of you knew this, but did you know that Paper Issues also offers free Cut Files? Like what you can use on your Silhouette Cameo? Well they do! This month they rolled out so many new ones to coordinate with the new lines as well as the Valentine Holiday!  Stacie is a rock star and I love her designs!! Such as this new one that I used! 

Isn't it awesome?!  

With this layout, I literally just went strolling in my stash container for all the things pink toned. I came out with a ton of papers and cut them up in to small squares. Than backed each heart with an ombre effect of the pink papers back and forth. ( It's a little time consuming but definitely worth it! ) For the embellishments, I did similar fashion- digged though my stash for left over valentine's things and used also what was left from last month's PI Swag Bag- including the bag. Ha! 

Also if you spot that pig sticker, I've been saving him for a page I could do on my nephew. This was the perfect chance! This was a picture from he was younger clearly- and ready to sell his sister for a dollar! :P But my nephew is obsessed with all things pigs! So dang cute, he has names for all his pig stuffed animals and gets new ones when he goes to different places. Who knew that pigs were so popular everywhere?! Even when they went on their holiday over to Europe, they were celebrating the year of the PIG. How perfect!!  I'm just excited I got to make this cute page for him! 

Hope you enjoyed this page and get your hands on some of the cut files over at Paper Issues! They are so great, there's one for everyone no matter what you're looking for! Also, you may need to buy stuff to go with the cut file right?? Well, if you decide to- don't forget to use my name Renee for a 20% discount on all your goodies!! 

xo. Renee

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Baby Boy Layout @ Paper House Productions!

I'm excited to be up with my first blog post with Paper House Productions.  I'm showing what I created with their new collection Hello Baby : Baby Boy.  It's so precious, so many cute pieces. But what I loved more about this collection is how I could manipulate it in so many ways!

I decided to use this sweet picture of my best friend's baby. I'm pretty sure I've already told the story of how much I love this baby but I'm going to tell it again. But my sweet best friend, bless her heart, has been married to her high school sweet heart for nearly 10 years and she couldn't have found someone more perfect for her. Not going to lie, I'm a bit jealous. But they've been trying so hard to have a baby for so long! No two could be more perfect parents- in the mean time they've been hosting foreign exchange students.  As much as they adore the kids, I imagine nothing would feel as precious as having your own children. Finally after a long process, she was blessed with this sweet baby boy. He's beyond loved by everyone- included crazy Aunt Nee. 

So I had to put him in the center of this page. I decided to create kind of a diagonal feel with it going from the upper right to the lower left as far as the cluster of embellishments. To create the embellishments, outside of the cardstock stickers and puffy stickers- I took papers from the collection and fussy cut them to make more!  I layered with the cut aparts behind the photo as well as used them as a base to create the clusters upon. 

I think I used 75% of all this collection on this one page, I was just so excited about all the pieces. But I figure, it's an excuse to buy more right? I just adore how this page turned out and how cute this collection is. Perfect colors and elements!  I hope you enjoy how I put this together! 

You can check out more about Paper House Productions at their website. I also have seen their products sold at various big box stores such as Michael's and Hobby Lobby! 

xo. Renee

Pawsitively Pets @ Paper Issues!!!

I was so excited about this month's Pawsitively Pets @ Paper Issues. I forgot totally about this picture I'm about to show you that I wanted to scrap because it has such a cute story with it! Also just shows how awesome my dad and dog are.

I loved a page I had done a while ago of my kitten Blaize, that I had to scrap lift myself with this design. I used what was left of my Crate Paper's Wonder collection - thought it would be perfect! I used the paper to layer behind as well as cut up to create a banner. Made a cluster of the cut out pieces underneath the picture as well as over by the title with the chipboard pieces. 

I just can't get over this photo! Sienna loves going on car rides, so most of the time in the summer when we go to get ice cream at the local shack - she gets to join in the back of the truck.  I think she also loves that she gets spoiled when people at the ice cream place see her.  But while there this particular time, this little girl was pointing at Sienna and saying "puppy!" over and over.  Dad heard her little voice talking about the pup and decided to surprise her by taking Sienna out of the truck so she could pet her. The little girl was so excited she got to pet Sienna, just clapping her little hands. It just reminds me how sweet my Daddy is, even though he didn't know the little girl- it didn't take much to convince him that he had to make her happy.  Sienna was also so well behaved and sweet, her big ol' tongue gave the little girl tons of kissies.  Makes my heart so happy.  

(Disclaimer: after conversation- we realized we knew a common person *doesn't take much in a small town.* so I took the picture to show her. I don't normally take random pictures of small children I don't know. Bahaha.)

xo. Renee

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Take 5 Tuesday @ Paper Issues!

It's time for February's Take 5 Tuesday at Paper Issues!!! 

With this challenge, you incorporate 5 things from the following list in to a layout.  Fairly easy task! There's always great things to pick from and if you're anything like me, you have plenty of all of these things lying around! 

For this layout I chose  3. yellow , 6. heart , 8. banner , 14. 2 pattern papers and 15. tell the story behind your photo- the who, what, when and where! 

I just love this photo of my sister's family! They spent the winter holidays over in Europe taking stops are multiple locations, so jealous! But I had to steal some of her pictures she sent to document because they are just so cute! I thought that the Paige Evans' lines would work so well for this! I fussy cut the buildings from her paper and used a few of the embellishments from the line. But I found a lot of stuff in my stash that matched perfectly with these colors as well as be about travel, so it was great to FINALLY be able to use them up!! ( I seriously think I'm a dork but I find it like something has been lifted off my shoulders when I use up craft supplies. I'll say it til the cows come home.)

Don't forget to pick up all your great scrapbooking supplies at the Paper Issues Store and use the code Renee to save 20% off your purchase!!

xo. Renee

Monday, February 6, 2017

New Issues Monday @ Paper Issues.

New Issue Monday over at Paper Issues' Facebook Group! This month's issue is Let's Play Post Office. 

Suggested ideas: -Use office supplies like binder clips, tags, push pins, postage stamps and envelopes. -Alter a clipboard. -Include stamping on your project. -Document a piece of mail or a love letter. -Create a layout about your latest Paper Issues package (either a photo of the box and/or contents). -Show us your kids, grandchildren, etc. at play. -Share something about Valentine's Day/love.

I decided to just show kids at play. I couldn't come up with anything I was satisfied with the other options so I kind of took the easy way out. Sorry to disappoint! But I just love this photo of my niece with her fork in her hair. I thought it would be just perfect with the Cute Girl line from Crate Paper. I also was flipping through my album of scrapbook pages- decided to lift an idea I did before. So I took strips of what was left of my Cute Girl paper and cut them in to 1 by 1 squares than diagonal to make the little triangles. I laid them in the 1 inch rows alternating the way they faced to create this fun background. I layered the cut aparts behind my photo and created clusters of embellishments around it as well as in the bottom right corner. 

I hope you were inspired by my layout! Use your scraps to create awesome backgrounds!! I can't wait to see what you guys come up with!! <3 20="" :p="" a="" all="" always="" amazing="" an="" and="" be="" buy="" code="" delivery="" disappointed="" excuse="" fast="" for="" from="" get="" great="" issues="" it="" just="" maybe="" me.="" more="" nbsp="" off="" or="" order-="" p="" paper="" renee="" right="" s="" savings="" scrappy="" selection="" service="" store-="" t="" that="" the="" things="" to="" use="" won="" you="" your="">

xo. Renee

Saturday, February 4, 2017

Sketchy Saturday @ Paper Issues!!!

It's Sketch Saturday at Paper Issues!! 

This month's sketch is just fabulous! I had so much fun with it- but possibly because I love everything about layers and tons of embellishments! ( You knew that! )

I had these two photos that went together and I thought would be perfect for this challenge. I swear, I'm almost done scrapping pictures of my sister's family vacation- but I had to do these ones from their dinner! The boys and the girls!  I used Maggie Holmes' Gather collection for the layout. Fussy cut the paint streaks out of the one paper as well as the flowers from another. Layered up the cut aparts behind the photos, cut out some of the photo frames. I threw in some tangled string and sequins to give some dimension.  Ba-da boom, ba-da bing. 

I just can't get enough of this Gather collection by Maggie Holmes, thankfully I still have a lot left. Although with the new lines coming, I need to make room! A great way is to join in on all these challenges over at the PIFF (Paper Issues Friends and Fans) Facebook Group! I have seen my stash dwindle so quickly- which means I can to buy more right? And as fast as her service is, it's like I literally grabbed it at the store. Use the code Renee for 20% off your purchase!  It's a great save!

xo. Renee 

Friday, February 3, 2017

Pinspire Me @ Paper Issues.

It's the time for this month's Pinspire Me board at Paper Issues.  So exciting! 

Isn't this board just gorgeous? All the colors and love. I can't get enough of it! I really wish I would have utilized it more than I did. But when I saw the picture of the donut- all I could think of was this picture I had of my niece!

For this page, I thought the Urban Chic by We R Memory Keepers would be perfect! The pinks and purples like in her outfit- plus they had donuts in the embellishments! I made a cluster across the whole middle and one on the bottom right of the page. I added some sequins along with heart stickers from the sticker sheet, I thought it was perfect! I hardly use the sequins but I'm drawn to them more and more lately! I cut the #donutpanic from one of the cut aparts and used the small alphas from the sticker sheet. I just love this photo so much, that donut is as big as her little face. Why do children grow up?!?! 

As always, go to the Paper Issues' Store- grab #allthethings - the challenges this month are so exciting and I'd hate for you not to have enough of all the goodies to complete them!!  Some of the new American Craft lines are still in shop also, get your hands on what you may have missed or even if you haven't gotten any at all! Remember to use Renee to save 20% off on your purchase!! 

xo. Renee