Thursday, February 9, 2017

Pawsitively Pets @ Paper Issues!!!

I was so excited about this month's Pawsitively Pets @ Paper Issues. I forgot totally about this picture I'm about to show you that I wanted to scrap because it has such a cute story with it! Also just shows how awesome my dad and dog are.

I loved a page I had done a while ago of my kitten Blaize, that I had to scrap lift myself with this design. I used what was left of my Crate Paper's Wonder collection - thought it would be perfect! I used the paper to layer behind as well as cut up to create a banner. Made a cluster of the cut out pieces underneath the picture as well as over by the title with the chipboard pieces. 

I just can't get over this photo! Sienna loves going on car rides, so most of the time in the summer when we go to get ice cream at the local shack - she gets to join in the back of the truck.  I think she also loves that she gets spoiled when people at the ice cream place see her.  But while there this particular time, this little girl was pointing at Sienna and saying "puppy!" over and over.  Dad heard her little voice talking about the pup and decided to surprise her by taking Sienna out of the truck so she could pet her. The little girl was so excited she got to pet Sienna, just clapping her little hands. It just reminds me how sweet my Daddy is, even though he didn't know the little girl- it didn't take much to convince him that he had to make her happy.  Sienna was also so well behaved and sweet, her big ol' tongue gave the little girl tons of kissies.  Makes my heart so happy.  

(Disclaimer: after conversation- we realized we knew a common person *doesn't take much in a small town.* so I took the picture to show her. I don't normally take random pictures of small children I don't know. Bahaha.)

xo. Renee

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