Thursday, November 26, 2015


Happy Thanksgiving to everyone.

I'm thankful for so much this year. 

Thankful for the understanding people in my life, for the strength I've found within myself. 

Thankful for the memories, for the love. 

Thankful for friends, for my family. 

Thankful for you. 

Xo. Renee 

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Every summer has a story.

I am nearing the end of my Crate Paper Poolside collection, which makes me sad in a million ways. It's such a beautiful collection with the bright colors and I love all of the embellishments that remind me of everything summer.   

It just happened that I just had one more summer picture left. It was perfect for what was left in the collection.  It was from a bike ride / run that we went on together. There's a great trail just near where we lived that was perfect for long bike rides for him - it connected to various small towns in the area so he could bike on the same trail for miles. But it also had great points for a nice run for me- and at my snail pace- we could both be done at the same time. So it was a great way to spend time together but do our own seperate fitness.  

I took 3 - 2 inch wide strips of white paper  and punched holes in it. Than used various left over pieces I had from the collection ( also not from ) and fit them in behind.  Layered various embellishments around the picture. And included a cluster of embellishments on the bottom corner. 

I just couldn't get enough of this collection and I'm so glad I got to use so much of it. I had an amazing summer, took tons of pictures and created a million memories. It'll be marked as one of the best but hardest of my life. That's why when I saw the sticker- "Every summer has a story" - I had to include it because this one... definitely had a story. 

xo. Renee

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Lovely Blaize Adventure

Ive mentioned before that my favorite group on facebook Paper Issues (Friends & Family) has multiple challenges throughout the month. Well for November- I decided to participate in the mood board challenge .  It had various things on it; but I was drawn to the stars, multiple shades of blue and sparkly-ness of the disco ball. 

In the midst of everything that happened earlier this fall, I had to leave behind two loves of my life. My sweet kittens Blaize and Ember. But I've never seen such a bond as the one that is shared between John and Blaize. They are two peas in a pod. I would never separate them but I miss them everyday. This way I can still remember them by capturing the moments I did have with them.  I have been holding on to this beautiful photo of my kitten Blaize for a few months hoping to find the perfect layout for it.  I felt the gold and turquoise was perfect for my little boy.

With this layout, I included close ups of the small details of the sparkles in the enamel dots, sequins and splattered paint. I wanted it to kind of look like pretty "pixie dust" of sorts. I also love using the string of lights sticker, I was holding on to that also- but it just seemed perfect for this page.  I used mostly Crate Paper lines with the page but there is a mix -I'm hoping to use up my stash. 

I miss my sweet boy but I know that he's in the best hands.  His momma will love him always.  I hope you enjoyed this page, it's definitely a favorite of mine now also. 

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Paper Issues Fall Crop

If you've read my blog much at all, you'll know my devote love to the Paper Issues online scrapbook store. I have heard of the store from a few of my lovely friends and I quickly made a purchase after hearing the great service. Than I got to experience it for myself- she sends fast and efficiently (maybe it's glorious even more because she's a mere 6-8 hours away). She has multiple customer friendly options such as everyday discounts and hold & combine options.  I can't get enough.

Add 10+ of one shape
Use the color orange

Now the best thing about Paper Issues- yes, there's even more great things!- there's a Facebook group specifically for Paper Issues (Friends & Fans). Um, it's simply awesome! You get to chat with crafters from all over who also enjoy Paper Issues- more less who HAVE paper issues. Plus the owner and members of the design team! 

Make/Use Tags
Use a Paper Issue Cut File
Now they also have creative daily questions/topics, many challenges a month that's posted in an album and also challenges on their blog. Okay- so besides bragging non- stop about my favorite store , there was a purpose! This weekend they hosted a Fall Crop! So for 24 hours + , they had a challenge or games going on almost hourly.

Use a photo from PI Ispy Game
About Pets without Pet Paper Product

Yes, I was one of the freaks who set up my room with all the necessities and sat in front of my computer ready for the next issue to scrap. I completed all but 4! I know I should have wrote this while it was going on- but I was glued to paper all week. I just wanted to share my favorite projects and invite you to the group that I love so much! Cassie and the girls provide outstanding service :-)

No kids or pets
Add a Pop 

xo. Renee

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Donating Blood.

I'm sure everyone has heard of trying to do so many things before turning a certain age or perhaps a bucket list. I haven't came up with a full 30 before I'm *ahem coughs* 30.  Yes, that makes me feel very bizarre - I won't even begin.. 

But there are definitely things I would love to get accomplished before I turn 30. One of the first things I thought of- every time when thinking of forming a list is donating blood. 

I'm not quite sure why I am drawn to the idea - whether it's because I've had blood transfusions as a baby or the endless traumas of the world going on. I just knew it would be a great thing to do for someone who may need it when it matters most. 

So one night, randomly, as I was leaving work I saw the blood bank truck parked across the street. What better time than the present I guess? I decided to just drive on over and sign myself up. I was able to walk in, take the questionnaire and donate fairly quickly. 

Being the scrapbooker I am and plus- you have time to kill- I had to take pictures- one handed. I wanted to document this exciting moment. Also, I felt juvenile but I asked for stickers. I swear- just for scrapbooking purposes!!  Okay- and who doesn't enjoy a good sticker with their cookie when they're done donating?? Mind you- I picked popcorn... Not cookies.   Anyways!

After getting the phone call to thank me for donating, they informed me that my blood type is a rare and needed type. I feel more compelled to do it again, especially now that the first time is out of my way.

I hope to complete more things off my list that I have yet to put together and I hope you all do too!! 

Xo. Renee

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

My fitness planner.

So I am not sure if you all are on the planner craze that's going on , but I tried with one MAMBI (Me and My Big Ideas company)  Happy Planner. I am not sure if it just wasn't for me but I was horrible about keeping on it. I used to love my planner in high school and college, decorate it and such. I thought I'd be a pro at it this time around too.
I just think I don't really have much of a life other than working and working out. So when I hear that MAMBI came out with a fitness planner *PERFECT*, I was on it like white on rice.

I found it - by the way- it's a kit; that's sold with stickers, post-its, magnet paper clips.  I love  the stickers but very sad there's only a few; so I'm hoping *hint hint to MAMBI* that they are release a set strictly for fitness so anyone can use them in their planners without having to buy the kit or people who just love them can have a million.  

Anyways- back to my fitness planner-  I wasn't a huge fan of the colors of the cover so conveniently enough I adore the other side, so I flipped it around so the black "plus sign" (is there a name for that?) pattern was on the outside. 

I bought a set of MAMBI's BIG stickers ( The Good Life Set ) which had inspirational sayings included in the set.  I took one and slapped it on the cover- Be Your Own Kind of Beautiful.  That I will do, MAMBI :)

I love the monthly dividers- they are a mix of  pictures with inspirational sayings such like you find on pinterest and plain patterns which again- I used the stickers to decorate up.  Also the best part- in the sticker set is a sheet of month's so you can start the planner on whichever month you desire and label them however you see fit.  Which makes it great, you can start it whenever!! 

It didn't come with date numbers though, so I bought a set that came with 12 line of 31 days so it was perfect to do each month.  

I have started to use it to document what I eat- which each sheet is provided a breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snack area for each weekday.  It has a water tally and a space to write down your exercise. Along the side - you can write down your goals for the room as well as other notes you need to include. 

Its been helpful in many ways, making sure I eat right- that I'm preparing adequately for my race- and taking care of myself in a healthy manner as well as keep me on schedule for other task I have at hand.  Sometimes you just have to search high and low for the perfect planner but MAMBI's planners are so easy and have so much to make it effortless as well as cute ;)

Xo. Renee