Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Every summer has a story.

I am nearing the end of my Crate Paper Poolside collection, which makes me sad in a million ways. It's such a beautiful collection with the bright colors and I love all of the embellishments that remind me of everything summer.   

It just happened that I just had one more summer picture left. It was perfect for what was left in the collection.  It was from a bike ride / run that we went on together. There's a great trail just near where we lived that was perfect for long bike rides for him - it connected to various small towns in the area so he could bike on the same trail for miles. But it also had great points for a nice run for me- and at my snail pace- we could both be done at the same time. So it was a great way to spend time together but do our own seperate fitness.  

I took 3 - 2 inch wide strips of white paper  and punched holes in it. Than used various left over pieces I had from the collection ( also not from ) and fit them in behind.  Layered various embellishments around the picture. And included a cluster of embellishments on the bottom corner. 

I just couldn't get enough of this collection and I'm so glad I got to use so much of it. I had an amazing summer, took tons of pictures and created a million memories. It'll be marked as one of the best but hardest of my life. That's why when I saw the sticker- "Every summer has a story" - I had to include it because this one... definitely had a story. 

xo. Renee

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