Saturday, November 14, 2015

Donating Blood.

I'm sure everyone has heard of trying to do so many things before turning a certain age or perhaps a bucket list. I haven't came up with a full 30 before I'm *ahem coughs* 30.  Yes, that makes me feel very bizarre - I won't even begin.. 

But there are definitely things I would love to get accomplished before I turn 30. One of the first things I thought of- every time when thinking of forming a list is donating blood. 

I'm not quite sure why I am drawn to the idea - whether it's because I've had blood transfusions as a baby or the endless traumas of the world going on. I just knew it would be a great thing to do for someone who may need it when it matters most. 

So one night, randomly, as I was leaving work I saw the blood bank truck parked across the street. What better time than the present I guess? I decided to just drive on over and sign myself up. I was able to walk in, take the questionnaire and donate fairly quickly. 

Being the scrapbooker I am and plus- you have time to kill- I had to take pictures- one handed. I wanted to document this exciting moment. Also, I felt juvenile but I asked for stickers. I swear- just for scrapbooking purposes!!  Okay- and who doesn't enjoy a good sticker with their cookie when they're done donating?? Mind you- I picked popcorn... Not cookies.   Anyways!

After getting the phone call to thank me for donating, they informed me that my blood type is a rare and needed type. I feel more compelled to do it again, especially now that the first time is out of my way.

I hope to complete more things off my list that I have yet to put together and I hope you all do too!! 

Xo. Renee

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