Tuesday, November 10, 2015

My fitness planner.

So I am not sure if you all are on the planner craze that's going on , but I tried with one MAMBI (Me and My Big Ideas company)  Happy Planner. I am not sure if it just wasn't for me but I was horrible about keeping on it. I used to love my planner in high school and college, decorate it and such. I thought I'd be a pro at it this time around too.
I just think I don't really have much of a life other than working and working out. So when I hear that MAMBI came out with a fitness planner *PERFECT*, I was on it like white on rice.

I found it - by the way- it's a kit; that's sold with stickers, post-its, magnet paper clips.  I love  the stickers but very sad there's only a few; so I'm hoping *hint hint to MAMBI* that they are release a set strictly for fitness so anyone can use them in their planners without having to buy the kit or people who just love them can have a million.  

Anyways- back to my fitness planner-  I wasn't a huge fan of the colors of the cover so conveniently enough I adore the other side, so I flipped it around so the black "plus sign" (is there a name for that?) pattern was on the outside. 

I bought a set of MAMBI's BIG stickers ( The Good Life Set ) which had inspirational sayings included in the set.  I took one and slapped it on the cover- Be Your Own Kind of Beautiful.  That I will do, MAMBI :)

I love the monthly dividers- they are a mix of  pictures with inspirational sayings such like you find on pinterest and plain patterns which again- I used the stickers to decorate up.  Also the best part- in the sticker set is a sheet of month's so you can start the planner on whichever month you desire and label them however you see fit.  Which makes it great, you can start it whenever!! 

It didn't come with date numbers though, so I bought a set that came with 12 line of 31 days so it was perfect to do each month.  

I have started to use it to document what I eat- which each sheet is provided a breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snack area for each weekday.  It has a water tally and a space to write down your exercise. Along the side - you can write down your goals for the room as well as other notes you need to include. 

Its been helpful in many ways, making sure I eat right- that I'm preparing adequately for my race- and taking care of myself in a healthy manner as well as keep me on schedule for other task I have at hand.  Sometimes you just have to search high and low for the perfect planner but MAMBI's planners are so easy and have so much to make it effortless as well as cute ;)

Xo. Renee 


  1. That's awesome! Sometimes you just gotta make it work yourself!! Also, there are some cool fitness stamp sets out there!! Specifically for planner!! :) just thought I'd share! :)

  2. Oh man, I saw the mambi planners and they were 50% off at Michaels. I almost got one but I couldn't justify the money considering I have an 18 month mambi planner already.