Sunday, October 25, 2015

Find what makes you happy.

In the towns of both of the major universities in Iowa, there are statues of their mascots (Cy, the Iowa State Cyclone and Herky, the Iowa Hawkeye) at various buildings or areas of importance in the town. I am not sure of what started this tradition sort of speak but it's definitely awesome to see the way different places portray the mascot on their property.  Before the ... said events in my life.. I used to live by the town in which the Iowa State University is located.  

One of the locations that Cy is located is at the town's store of the company we work for.  Of course, being the dork that I am, I had to get a picture of my other half by the Cy. Not only because he does cheer for ISU but also because Cy is dressed in the uniform that the meat department wears with the apron and hat.  I know, I'm weird and cheesy. 

To start off making this page I used modeling paste on a stencil to get the raised affect of the crosses. After it dried, I used a gray watercolor in between to make the pattern pop more.  

I used papers and embellishments from Maggie Holmes' Shine Collection to create a layering effect behind the photo and on the sides of the pattern in the middle.

I decided to let the big embellishments be the title instead of adding another.  "Find what makes you happy, Darling."  He is so proud of his job and he works really hard. I think he found what makes him happy.

I added some other small embellishments from the chipboard and splattered a darker gray water color to the page.  I love to add journaling to my pages so I remember what I found in the picture or what story I wanted to tell.  

Sometimes, you just got to find what makes you happy. <3 p="">

xo. Renee

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