Thursday, October 8, 2015

Birthday Wishes.

September is always the best month of the year for me, it's my birthday month.  Usually I make a big thing of it all month long; being incredibly silly and to a point obnoxious to remind people that my birthday is coming.  This year I can't say that I did as badly as normal, I was just taking one thing at a time. I had bills to seperate, things to gather- oh the joys of breaking up.  I basically took accomplishments as they came.  I was just hoping to have a good day in general and make it as simple as I could so I wouldn't be upset if it wasn't as spectacular as I envisioned. 

I spent the day doing various things in a bigger town near by- trust me, just had to add some excitement- such as shopping, going out to eat, and getting drinks.  But one thing I had to do was buy myself a cupcake from Scratch Cupcakery. I wish I would have taken a picture of the flavors galore, I would have bought them all if I could have.  

So a selfie with my cupcake before I blew out the candle, wishing for a great 29th year.  I can't say my 28th year was the worse, it definitely by far was not.  I had amazing memories that I'll cherish for a lifetime but the way it ended was less than enjoyable. I want to put that behind me, focus again on myself, and my dreams. I want to leave my 20s in the best way I can and conquer my 30s strong. 

I used Maggie Holmes' Confetti line. Like I said before with my Project Life- it's just perfect for birthdays and celebrations. So many pretty colors, especially a favorite- PINK!  It was a given to use this pink infused picture of myself with my cupcake with the line.

Thank you all for standing by me while I continue this crazy ass journey.

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