Sunday, October 25, 2015

Find what makes you happy.

In the towns of both of the major universities in Iowa, there are statues of their mascots (Cy, the Iowa State Cyclone and Herky, the Iowa Hawkeye) at various buildings or areas of importance in the town. I am not sure of what started this tradition sort of speak but it's definitely awesome to see the way different places portray the mascot on their property.  Before the ... said events in my life.. I used to live by the town in which the Iowa State University is located.  

One of the locations that Cy is located is at the town's store of the company we work for.  Of course, being the dork that I am, I had to get a picture of my other half by the Cy. Not only because he does cheer for ISU but also because Cy is dressed in the uniform that the meat department wears with the apron and hat.  I know, I'm weird and cheesy. 

To start off making this page I used modeling paste on a stencil to get the raised affect of the crosses. After it dried, I used a gray watercolor in between to make the pattern pop more.  

I used papers and embellishments from Maggie Holmes' Shine Collection to create a layering effect behind the photo and on the sides of the pattern in the middle.

I decided to let the big embellishments be the title instead of adding another.  "Find what makes you happy, Darling."  He is so proud of his job and he works really hard. I think he found what makes him happy.

I added some other small embellishments from the chipboard and splattered a darker gray water color to the page.  I love to add journaling to my pages so I remember what I found in the picture or what story I wanted to tell.  

Sometimes, you just got to find what makes you happy. <3 p="">

xo. Renee

Friday, October 23, 2015

The Small Things.

I know the minute anyone sees this page they expect some funny story about how silly this foot is. But when I see the picture, I just remember what he's taught me in all the time I've known him. That life is all about the small things.  Its just weird how just little things most normal people would ignore, trust me- I did at first too- ended up being the meaningful things I miss everyday now.

I tried a little bit of mixed media with modeling paste, stencils, and watercolor to come up with the background of the page. Scraps of similar tones to layer up on the picture, and added embellishments from the new Dear Lizzy line Documentary.  I just love how the layout turned out.

I need to remember to remember the small details more in life instead of the big picture. Its those little things you remember about a person that really makes someones' day.  This page will be a reminder of that when I forget. 

xo. Renee

Wednesday, October 21, 2015


I've mentioned how important my family is to you a few million times already.. Yes I've had a blog for maybe two months. But there are two little ones who I love beyond words and have their aunt wrapped around their little finger. I scrapbook them often based on pictures my sister sends us because they are so far away! It's great that we re included via texts and pictures though. 

Although some pictures can make an Aunt very sad, such as below. My sweet nephew got hurt while playing at school - thankfully nothing was more wrong than the bruising, He's such a tough cookie.  

I loved using up my alphas I have laying around to make various words - in this case, that described Alex. Gesso-ing them up that way I could have a blank slate to create whatever pattern I wanted. I used watercolor to bring out the boy blue and yellow hues.  

I used the Craft Market by Crate Paper to embellish the layout. 

At my cousin's wedding, my niece stole my sunglasses and we proceeded to take selfies. This one was one of my favorites!  She's so darn cute! 

For the layout I used a mix of Pink Fresh Studio and Maggie Holmes new collection Shine :-) They blend together so well I think and I adore the bright colors! 

Thanks for checking out my new layouts :-) 

xo. Renee 

Sunday, October 18, 2015


I love this picture of me from when I went canoeing this summer. When I see it, I feel it shows strength and independence. I was trying something new , kind of rocky at it but with some advice - I got it somewhat down. 

I adore the new line Shine by Maggie Holmes. The colors are bright and sassy. 
I also found a sheet from basic Grey that included many of the same colors so it was perfect. 

I love the way I incorporated the birds on various parts of the layout as if they landed there. It worked well with being in nature as well. 

I'm coming so far in life - with all things given. I just need to keep shining - need to remember the commitment I have to myself. At the end of the day, I'm what's the constant within myself. I need to be happy however I choose to go. That's also all I want for those around me is pure happiness. It'll carry you far. So shine away. 

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Birthday Wishes.

September is always the best month of the year for me, it's my birthday month.  Usually I make a big thing of it all month long; being incredibly silly and to a point obnoxious to remind people that my birthday is coming.  This year I can't say that I did as badly as normal, I was just taking one thing at a time. I had bills to seperate, things to gather- oh the joys of breaking up.  I basically took accomplishments as they came.  I was just hoping to have a good day in general and make it as simple as I could so I wouldn't be upset if it wasn't as spectacular as I envisioned. 

I spent the day doing various things in a bigger town near by- trust me, just had to add some excitement- such as shopping, going out to eat, and getting drinks.  But one thing I had to do was buy myself a cupcake from Scratch Cupcakery. I wish I would have taken a picture of the flavors galore, I would have bought them all if I could have.  

So a selfie with my cupcake before I blew out the candle, wishing for a great 29th year.  I can't say my 28th year was the worse, it definitely by far was not.  I had amazing memories that I'll cherish for a lifetime but the way it ended was less than enjoyable. I want to put that behind me, focus again on myself, and my dreams. I want to leave my 20s in the best way I can and conquer my 30s strong. 

I used Maggie Holmes' Confetti line. Like I said before with my Project Life- it's just perfect for birthdays and celebrations. So many pretty colors, especially a favorite- PINK!  It was a given to use this pink infused picture of myself with my cupcake with the line.

Thank you all for standing by me while I continue this crazy ass journey.

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Starbucks in Fall.

I cant narrow down the million things I love about fall the most. Seriously how can you? Beautiful hoodie weather, colorful leaves, football games, endless exciting holidays, delicious pumpkin everything, and of course, warm drinks. 

I'm sure if you know me at all, I enjoy a great Starbucks drink. So when fall comes, I have to have a Pumpkin Spice Latte. This year- Starbucks have came with these adorable cups! You all know when they whip out the RED cups that Christmas is near, but now we have a cute cup to hold us out until then!! 

The freak that I am- I had to take a picture and than of course, I had to scrapbook it! The new line Cedar Lane from Pink Paislee is just perfect for anything fall related. I felt I would probably hoard it like I normally do with cute paper but I just had to break into it for this picture. 

I hope you all continue to enjoy whatever it is about fall that makes you happy! And get a Starbucks cup!! :-)

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