Monday, June 12, 2017

Bible Journaling: My beginning.

I'm not even sure where to begin this post because I've been gone for so long and my scrapbooking has kind of fell to the wayside; when I haven't had projects to do or pictures to take. But I have taken a new adventure that I want to show you guys!! 

There's this new trend popping up in the scrapbook world for those whom are spiritual called bible journaling. I'm sure this isn't anything new, as I've heard all the time of people keeping valuable information in their bibles as well as their own notes. But this kind of takes a cross of scrapbooking materials with your own notetaking/artwork in the bibles.  Search it on Instagram or  my Pinterest- theres so many examples! 

I did my first page based on my favorite verse- Phil 4:13. I saw this quote among my supplies and felt that it went perfect with the verse. Used acrylic paints with a palette knife to create the background along with stamps.
I have always felt connected with my spiritual side. I just didn't think I found a way or a place to express myself in a way that I felt comfortable with. When I discovered bible journaling, I decided this just may be the moment it clicks for me.

The background is various watercolors along with stamping. I used some printables from the Print & Pray shop as well as various alphas I had in my stash that went perfectly with the bold colors!  Lyrics from Resurrecting. 

I saw this as an opportunity to explore a church that friends of mine have talked about. It can't hurt to explore something new. Even the fact that I've upset people by taking this journey, I think I've found something that comforts me. I'm excited about church- I love the music, the sermons. Kinda just reaches in for me.

Again I did some watercolor technique in the background, using various alphas and embellishments from Illustrated Faith. Lyrics from Good, Good Father. 

Anyways so to take all that information- I've processed it in to my own bible pages that I'm showing you! I bought a special journaling bible to use for this purpose. Journaling bibles come with a 2 in margin which makes for great space to use so you don't have to cover up too much of the Word if you don't prefer. A lot of the stuff I have gathered is from the Illustrated Faith product line by Bella Blvd- although being I have a zillion alphas- those are various companies. Need to use stuff before I buy more and alphas are for sure- the thing I have far too many of.  

I love that I have came across this idea, this is only the beginning of the journey and I can't wait to keep showing you what I create!  

xo. Renee

Monday, April 24, 2017

Discover USA Paper House Productions feat. 3L Scrapbook Adhesives!

Hey Everyone! I'm here today with a post with Paper House Productions! This week we're doing a cross promotion with one of my favorite companies Scrapbook Adhesives by 3L

I created a page using the Discover USA line by Paper House- which I've already done a few pages with. Its a line that literally keeps giving and I have still I could/want to accomplish with! With this page, I decided to do a page that looks like a pocket page concept but all just on the paper. I wanted to be able to utilize all the great cut aparts.  

The East Coast paper I thought I would never be able to use. I just never get to the beach or eat crabs much but it dawned on me; Oh Renee -you dork- you're sister's family lives on the East Coast. Okay- will do. So I creeped on my family's facebook page to see if they had any hidden gems I could scrapbook for them! I found a great selection of my brother-in-law's rowing. Perfect!! I dug around some more with my Paper House suppplies- and remembered I had a Beach Clear Stickers that would go great with this page as well!! 


While constructing this page, I used Scrapbook Adhesive's Refillable EZ- Runner. I can't say enough about this- it has a strong hold! Which for my klutzy self, I really needed to be prepared on where I was going to place things. It has lasted forever it seems, most tape runners I feel are so easy to just use up on a few projects. I also find that may be also because just a little bit is all you need to place which is perfect! 

To pop up a few of the embellishments, I used their 3D Foam Squares which comes in a package of 2 different sizes which is very helpful. Again, the strength is there with these and so it helps you not have to use so many! Just one seemed to do just enough to give it the dimension I wanted as well as hold it in place. Just what I need to give my page some depth. 

I'm excited about how my page turned out and I love being able to show you how great the products from Scrapbook Adhesives by 3L are! I hope you join us all week long to see how different members have used their products as well as join in on some giveaways happening over at the blog!! 

xo. Renee

Monday, April 17, 2017

New Issues Monday @ Paper Issues!

Its time for round 2 of New Issues Monday at Paper Issues!! This month's issue is called Pedal/Petal to the Medal/Metal and here are some ideas that come in to the catergory! 
  • Use metallics and/or metal embellishments.
  • Create a project using flowers or about gardening and spring.
  • Share something about transportation like bicycles, motorcycles, cars (your first car or current ride), toy cars, etc.
  • Show us a project about awards and/or accomplishments.

I thought I would kind of touch on the spring aspect. It's all about April Showers and I thought this cute photo of Addison playing in the puddles would be perfect! Little by Little by Shimelle has perfect kid elements as well as spring colors. The raindrop paper and rain clouds I thought how fun to add to the page. I also for a while have been wanting to do this heart element I saw on another page via Pinterest. So I cut the paper in to 2x2 squares then diagonally cut them to build a heart as well as parts of the heart to form a pattern of the heart on the paper. I thought the glue wasn't enough so I did put some modge podge on top of it which gave the page a shiny feel, which was a new surprise. 

As always I have to have clusters of embellishments on the page, I did some on the left of the photo as well as added fussy cut flowers on other parts of the hearts. The bottom right I built another cluster. The letters for the title were from the Crate Paper Little You (Girl) line - thought the pink went well with the elements on the page. I also took a shot at some hand stitching, although now that I look at it- I wish I had done it with a bolder color than white so it would stand out more but it was definitely a new thing to try that I enjoyed. 

I can't wait to see what you guys submit to the challenge on Paper Issues Facebook Group. If you need more goodies- because who the hell doesn't- go to the Paper Issues store and use my code Renee to save yourself 20% on your order! Which means you buy more right?? :D Maybe that's just me as always. 

x.o Renee

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Swag Bag @ Paper Issues!!

One of my favorite things about Paper Issues are the swag bags. I never bought one before I was on the DT, which now I regret because I understand the awesomeness of them now! The swag bags are random bits and doodads from different collections that Cassie brings together along with cut aparts - sometimes other great bits such as stamps. I was so excited about March's bag because it was full of everything bright and summer.  This Iowa winter has been so confusing, I just want sunshine and warmth back. 

Isn't it just bright and happy?? I know unfortunately this month bag is already sold out, so I'm hoping some of you had the chance to get your paws on it! Some of the bits that I received are different than what's in the photo but none the less, they go fantastic with the collection! 

Once I started putting things together, I realized the swag bag went really well with Amy Tangerine's new line On A Whim. It has all the tropical colors and feels going on through out the collection. Same with the swag bag! 

I layered a few different pink scrap sheets in my stash for the bottom segment. Took the two photos, kind of put them together off centered than layered the cut apart cards behind them.  I formed clusters as always from the bits from the swag bag as well as the Amy Tan line on both sides of the cut apart cards. Focusing on the Pink and Yellow, with bits of green. There was flamingos on the one card so I thought I'd include the pineapples and flamingos pieces I had as well to pull it all together. 

Makes me just want to pack my bags and run to some ocean to play in the water. Jealous of my sister's family, they live within distance of water and I'm in landlocked Iowa.  I will live through their adventures and pretend I'm with them, while staring out the window at the gloomy weather.  I think the page turned out just as warm and sunny as I had intended! I hope you all participate with the challenge, if you weren't able to grab a March bag- take a chance on the April bag! Never know what you can pull together with all the bits and pieces. You can also use my discount - Renee- for 20% off the bags as well!! How awesome is that?? 

xo. Renee

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Product Spotlight @ Paper Issues!!

It's time for a new Product Spotlight at Paper Issues! This week's chosen line is from Fancy Pants and it's called Family & Co. I can't get enough of it, but there's few lines in the world I don't want. This just has the blues, reds -- just colors that are sparse. Perfect for a page on these two silly boys!

For this page I used the sketch that was from Sketchy Saturday. I didn't make a page for it, because I thought I didn't have 3 pictures but then I found these gems. So I used it for this page, kind of a two birds one stone ordeal. I used the embellishment "We Are Family" as the title- backed it with some of the segments of solid backgrounds. Formed a cluster around the title as well.  I found some old Fancy Pants embellishments that I had gotten - worked well with this collection as well! I love when that happens!! 

I just love these photos of my brother in law and nephew! They are quite the silly pair!! I'm excited that this line is about family and is also easy to make masculine without kiddish. I have plenty of it left thankfully that I can make more pages. 

Can't wait to see your work up on the Paper Issues' Facebook group! Multiple challenges are up and ready besides this one- so don't hesitate to join even if you don't have the Family & Co. line!! But if you want to buy it- check out the Paper Issues' Store and use my code Renee to save yourself 20%!! 

xo. Renee

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Roll the Dice @ Paper Issues!!

Can you believe that I've been on the DT for  4 months now and I have yet to do a Roll the Dice Challenge? Gosh, I fail. But this month, I jumped on it! 

Rachel does this cute video every month with her sweet boys where they roll dice to get what numbers of certain items to incorporate on your page.  This month's challenge was 6 stickers and 2 tags! 

I have wanted to scrap photos from a Firecracker 5k I did a few years ago with my sister's family. I have tried a few times, and quite frankly- they look horrible! But when I saw the Sweet Freedom line by Pink Paislee. It just had to work this time! It is so gorgeous and perfect. 

I know a lot of my pages have a similar concept, lots of layering and clusters of embellishments. This layout is the same as them all I used frames, tags and multiple cut aparts to layer behind the photo. Used stickers and other embellishments for the clusters.  I used one of the free cut files from the Paper Issues store designed for this collection. Backed it with multiple sheets from the collection, leaving one blank for the journaling. 

This is one of my favorite races I've done- I got to run with my sister and brother in law- although we know they were ahead me by a ways. I ran most of the race without stopping, we got to be featured in the race because of our cute tutu's. The kiddos even got to run in a race and earn little medals which is so cute! I think the memory that stands out of this race is listening to Call Me Maybe on repeat- then it ended up being the song on the radio when we started the car. I also slept most of the afternoon when I didn't hydrate well enough and got sick. Oh the memories. Now I know to drink fluids, quit being a tough chick- it doesn't work well with you later. Bahaha. 

I think this collection is just gorgeous, I can't wait to use it again. Hopefully I do exciting things this summer for the 4th of July!  You should go to the Paper Issue's store and pick it up for the summer. It's just so American and also vintage/feminine. So perfect.  I can't wait to see how you guys complete this challenge!  Also don't forget to use my code Renee to save yourself 20% on your purchase!! 

xo. Renee

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Family Flip Album @ Paper House Productions!

I'm here with a post today on the new Flip Albums by Paper House Productions! I think they are so awesome, they are little albums that you can flip through with different pictures on either pull out pages or folded pages.  I'm going to show you how I utilized the Family Flip Album!
I think what's perfect about this album is that it's already constructed for you; you just need to add the photos then embellish how you see fit! It comes with a sheet of stickers that coordinate with the album and I thought there were plenty of them to use! Also it comes with corner stickers to place on your photos to make them look like they're slid in to place.
This album I am making as a present to my sister's family. ( She'll probably see it here, hope you like it! Haha! ) I thought it would also work great with this set of 4 photos I found of their family.  I manipulated the photos to be 4in. x 4in. sized which fits perfectly on the squares in the flip album with a little space around the edge of them!

 Besides the stickers that are included in the box with the album, I used a few of the stickers from the Life's Organized Planner sticker pack that coordinated with it! I got some small alphas I had in my stash to use on the photos as well to add more sentiments.Besides the stickers that are included in the box with the album, I used a few of the stickers from the Life's Organized Planner sticker pack that coordinated with it! I got some small alphas I had in my stash to use on the photos as well to add more sentiments.