Monday, January 16, 2017

New Issues Monday Round 2 @ Paper Issues!

Time for the Second Round of New Issue Monday at Paper Issues!!

This month's Issue is Stash Busters! 

What is Stash Busters about? Here are some ideas to get you started (use one or use them all). Feel free to use any product you'd like. Projects can be new or old and you're welcome to share as many as you'd like.
  • It's a new year, so make a dent in your stash! What are you hoarding? Is it an old collection? Is there a paper you think is too pretty to cut into? Do you have embellishments you haven't even opened? Get to work creating a project that includes something you haven't used yet or finishes off a collection by using up the scraps.
  • Show us anything about your New Year's celebrations.
  • Scrap a photo of yourself.

So I decided to use some of the paper from Simple Stories' The Reset Girl line as well as other lines by Simple Stories I had hoarded.  I thought the bright but basic colors went well with these photos I fixed in a photo app. I also liked many of the embellishments like the now and daily- to capture my "resolution" of exercising more. I fussy cut also from the cut apart cards I had to give myself more embellishments and a "title" of sorts. I'm trying to get back in shape LIKE A BOSS! 

As I always say, I love watching my stash dwindle down and it gave me an excuse to bust in to my stash I've been hoarding. It's just so pretty!!! I hate that, but I buy it for a reason- might as well use it. Also gives me an excuse to buy more- with all these new lines coming out soon- I got to get my wallet as well as my space ready for it all!  

Use my name Renee in the code spot at Paper Issues' Store for 20% off!!
 Helps with the resolution of saving money right?? 

Can't wait to see what you come up with!! Remember you have until February 5th to submit them on the Paper Issues' Facebook Group

xo. Renee

Saturday, January 14, 2017

Fitness Planning for Jan 1-8

I'm so behind on showing you my fitness and planning! But I'm so excited about all my Paper Issues pages and challenges. I swear even with all that going on, I've been on top of my fitness game and I'm so proud of myself!! 

With the new year, I've changed it up just a little though. Instead of random Pinterest workouts, I decided to whip out my Women's Health Big Book of Exercises and do one of the workouts from the back of the book. Right now I'm doing the 8 weeks til Wedding Body. Yep, no wedding here but I want to look like a fabulous bride! HAHA! Weeks 1-4  has an A or B work out that you alternate 3 days a week.  I've also been doing my own warm up cardio as well as still fitting in my runs before or after the work out. 

This is what I did in my planner! I love the big fitness sticker pack from MAMBI, so many bright colors and fun stickers to use. I also actually had washi already that matched :D I'm finally able to use up my washi haul maybe??  

Monday - 15 minutes on the bike ; Wk1 D1 of the Wedding Workout from the Fitness Book as well as a 2 mile run! 

Tuesday-  15 minutes on the elliptical and a 2 mile run.

Wednesday- 15 minutes on the bike; Wk1 D2 of the Wedding WO and a 2 mile run.

Thursday- REST

Friday- 15 minutes on the elliptical and 3 mile run! So proud of myself!!

Saturday- 15 minute on the bike; Wk1 D3 of the Wedding WO and a 2.5 mile run. 

Sunday- REST ( went out of town so I just didn't work out)

Total Miles : 11.5!! How awesome!!

I know I'm a little behind showing you the work outs but I will be back with this past week's workout! They aren't as exciting as I've been sick with some flu-ish virus going around, and even though I feel a little better- I'm afraid to do a lot of motion that may cause something to turn ugly.  

xo. Renee

Monday, January 9, 2017

Mix It Up Monday @ Paper Issues!

It's Mix It Up Monday at the Paper Issues Facebook Group. The challenge was to use gesso and some acrylic to create a messy fabulous page! I am always down to try my hand at some mixed media. 

I was so excited that I did start this page early- trying to be ambitious and all. I took some different alphas that I wanted to use up and spread them in groups on the white card stock. Took some clear gesso and covered them up, kind of act like a stabilizer plus preps them for the acrylic and watercolor I'd place on top! Well, so I sat there- I wanted to cover the alphas with white acrylic paint- okay, I love to paint. I know somewhere in this house I have a HUGE bottle of white paint. I think I've torn this place nearly apart but of course, I can't find it. So my page sat there looking at me, for nearly a week- before I was able to go get some.  Did I mention I live in a small town?  Yeah, it sucks.

Anyways I was able to complete it with the white paint, as well as some smudges of watercolor spread around the page. I used a picture of me with both of our animals that I messed with in the PicArt app. They are never this close together so of course, we couldn't miss taking a picture while we had the opportunity. I used bits and pieces of multiple collections but mostly Crate Paper's Cool Kid. It was nice to get rid of some stash... 

So that means I'll need to buy some stuff soon ;) Those new lines are coming and I'm so excited!! Use the code Renee for 20% off  if you love a great savings and amazing service!

 xo. Renee

Saturday, January 7, 2017

Sketchy Saturday @ Paper Issues!

They've posted another challenge on to the Paper Issues blog and Facebook group. It's January's Sketchy Saturday! 

I love this sketch! How fun, I could use multiple layers which is right up my alley and different papers! 

I wanted to make another Christmas page because seriously, I think like everyone else- we hoard our Christmas supplies for the one time a year but yet- never get rid of any of it! It's either too pretty or seriously- #webuyallthetthings.  I had plenty of different Simple Stories Christmas lines left as well as random Recollection embellishments to use up. I also included bits and pieces of the Jen Hadfield Cozy and Warm Pebbles line - love the fall/winter elements. 

I also wanted to do a Christmas line so I could document this Christmas present of mine! My new Feejay's! Pajama pants that have footies! I sent the link to the store as a joke to my sister- never did I expect she'd literally send me a pair. I can't get enough of them. I also must tell people I'm cold often- most of my presents were things to keep me warm. Must pay attention to what I say these days, never know if you'll get it for Christmas!  But really, my feet are so toasty now though in these pants! Won't hear me complain that my feet are cold again! ( Yes, I've heard of socks- but they are overrated! :) )

As always, use the code Renee at the Paper Issues' store for 20% off your bill! It's such a great save and your service is one-of-a-kind! 

xo. Renee

Friday, January 6, 2017

Pinspire Me @ Paper Issues.

Okay one of my favorite challenges from Paper Issues has been posted for the month ! ( who am I kidding? I love them all!) But these boards sucker me in every month! 

On the paper issues friends and fans Facebook group, the Pinspire Me challenge has been posted and just look at how amazing this board is!!  Possibilities are endless and perfect to start the new years!!

I was inspired by the page 1 of 365 , I love the concept of "fresh" start. Although the dork in me put day instead of page. Ah well, what can ya do!? I love it either way! I took this selfie on the early hours of the first day of January- maybe I'll take a selfie at the end of the year and compare? 

I used Maggie Holmes' Gather line which I just can't get enough of. So girlie, pinks and golds. No way it could go wrong in my book! I'm not sure how much is left at Paper Issues, but I suggest you stock up on some because it's too cute! Or you could wait til later this month- I hear there's a new Maggie line coming very soon!!! I can't wait to see it as well as all the CHA releases! (I don't need anymore but you know it's all going in my cart as soon as I see it! #musthaveallthethings )

Remember when shopping to use the code Renee for 20% off your order, and if you're a hoarder like me, it'll be a great savings!! 

xo. Renee

Thursday, January 5, 2017

Working Title @ Paper Issues

One of the new challenges at the Paper Issues Friends and Fan group is "Working Title". Different ways to work your title. ( Probably self explanatory ) 

This month's challenge was to use a BIG TITLE. I thought this would be perfect for the title I had in mind for my picture.. yes, one picture from New Years Eve. 

I was so excited a few month's ago when I bought this mini line from Simple Stories for the New Year's Eve holiday. I made the BIG TITLE by drawing letters on the papers myself and fussy cut them out. ( I have a Silhouette, I really should've utilized it.) 

I had a pretty simple New Years Eve, maybe it's my age or living in a small town. But I spent the day with my relatives which I enjoyed their company , great food, and a few delicious drinks! By time little ones were getting fussy and older people (I'm sweet, I swear.) getting tired, we headed home. We tried to stay up to watch the ball drop, but I think we all dropped over faster. I still wanted to use this collection so thankfully I had one picture of my delicious wine to use to document. 

I loved the idea of making a big title! I can't wait to see what she comes up with next month to work our titles. Also can't wait to see what you guys come up with! Post your photos on the challenge album the PIFF!! 

Don't forget to use my code for 20% off at Paper Issue's Shop.

xo. Renee

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

MORE Exciting News!

More exciting news on my scrapbooking front! I know, craziness!! I also have the great honor of being on the Paper House Productions Design Team for 2017!  I'm so excited to show you all the great products from them all year!  

You should check out their blog for our introductions as well as great sneaks from the upcoming CHA!!

xo. Renee