Sunday, February 21, 2016

2015 December.

Finally I am done with my 2015 Project Life book, I'm so excited that I actually finished a project. Yes, I have a tendency to be like a dog when someone gives me a bone I'll chew for a while but if you say -squirrel- I totally run off and look. Forget completely about my bone. Crazy analogy but completely true. 

This month I used the new Simple Stories Santa Claus & Co. line.  I loved the red foil they used throughout the line and I made sure to include it all.   First page is pretty simple, but I couldn't not use again- the foil. I included a picture from the girls at work Christmas gathering we had. I love them all so much- I'm a lucky girl to work with wonderful supporting women. ( Others as well, but without these ladies- work would be hard.)

For Christmas, we made a trip up to gather with my Dad's side of the family.  I had drinks with one of my favorite ladies- not my biological cousin but I consider her one. Also, my mom and I decided to play around with her ice cream maker I got her for Christmas. So I had to include the cute little mitten's and Mrs. Claus' Cookie Co stickers. Speaking of which- we need to whip out that machine again soon!! 

I spent New Years with my bestie going around to local bars and checking out the scene. I took a selfie of us early in the night. Also again from Christmas, my cousin whom lives on the East Coast came home with the newborn son. So my dad had to steal as many snuggles as he could. 

I included on the last page the last selfie of 2015, ringing in the new year with all the crazy get up. I also took a sweet picture of my Pumpkin with the Christmas tree.. ( we have a little one that we have a on a table- the dog isn't so gentle with the tree so we've resorted to a small simple one. ) He loves sitting beside the tree on the table and sniffing all the lights / decorations.  He's so sweet.

So that is my end to my 2015 Project Life, I'm so excited that I finished it. Hope you enjoyed all the pages I shared with you. They are all tagged Project Life as well as 2015 - if you want to go back and check them all out!  I can't wait to get started on my 2016 pages.

xo. Renee

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