Friday, December 23, 2016

Happy Holidays.

I'm always inspired by people on Instagram but lord if I ever write down who it is so I can give them credit, I promise this wasn't my idea. Although- I would love to say I was that creative first. The tree. That is the creative genius of some amazing scrapbooker on Instagram that I lifted.  

I took one of my favorite new papers that I got at Paper Issues by Photo Play. It has all different forms of pretty christmas trees .. can't get enough! I cut it up in strips, than cut in to the paper just a little bit to create some fringe look on the bottom. I also had bought a bunch of different colors of this adhesive fringe banner from Michaels. So I did every other one the paper as well as the green banner every other on to a scrap piece of paper-which I then cut out in a shape of a tree. ( Did any of that make sense? ) Wham! 

So while creating this said tree, I thought it would go perfect with a picture of my sweet kitty I took next to the tree. We have a dog, so we've resorted to a small tree in which we sit on a card table in front of the window. We. are. classy.  Anyways, it had snowed the night before so I woke up to my cat admiring the world outdoors from the card table.

The rest of the embellishments are literally a hodge podge of past christmas goodies I had compiled in a box. I was excited to be able to use up a bunch of the past stuff but of course, I have a ton more I could use. WHO CANT LET GO OF CHRISTMAS STUFF?!  Me. That's whom. It'll probably be doing a whole lot of Christmas layouts to come in this month (aka week.)- whew thank goodness it's December and acceptable :D

I do hope though, if I don't blog before Christmas- that you all have a blessed holiday- however you choose to celebrate. <3 p="">


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