Thursday, December 29, 2016

Fitness Planning for Dec. 12- 25.

So I have missed a week of showing you my fitness for the week, but you didn't miss much on either week. Seems the cold weather and tons of snow liked to take a hold of my plans! But I did manage to get some work outs in even with it all plus the holidays! 

Still keeping the same routine so it's not too exciting but alternating arm/leg work outs with a run and cardio warm up! :) I just like decorating each week so at least something looks different even if it isn't the work out! Ha!  

I also have been posting some pictures of my work out on Instagram ( Welcome new followers! ) - loving playing with the photo editing apps. I think this new one I've been trying is called PicsArt. Awesome fun filters- makes my work out photos look more exciting, bahaha. 

Don't ask about the face, I have no idea! It's hard to plank and take timer selfies :) But I love the photo, just makes me smile for some ungodly reason! I end each work out with planks and other core work outs.  This week I ran a total of 7 miles, which I thought wasn't too bad with missing a few days due to weather. 

We won't talk much about this week, a whole lot of not feeling good, and Christmas got me some itty bitty work outs. I just ran a total of 4.25 miles but it's better than nothing. I'm hoping to step it up more this week but I still have been having some tummy issues and so I've been doing small work outs.  Hopefully by time the New Years comes, I'll be feeling fresh and rejuvenated.  

Hope you all had a wonderful holiday!  This is also my 100th entry!! Too bad it wasn't more exciting but I have great news and plans for the new years coming up soon so stay tuned!! :)

xo. Renee

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