Tuesday, September 29, 2015

2015 September.

So one other way I memory keepsake is through Project Life (or pocket scrapbooking, whichever you choose to call it ).  Becky Higgins came up with a way of simplifying scrapbooking by creating Project Life- which is 3x4 or 4x6 cards slid in to pockets along with photos in a 12x12 page- initially not a lot of embellishments were needed; just journaling, cards and photos. Now everyone has seemed to jump on the bandwagon, hence where some people call it pocket scrapbooking; also it's done in multiple sizes other than 12x12 and people are going crazy on adding great details and embellies. So the simplicity of it- people have taken above and beyond.

Also with Project Life, its basically meaning to capture a week period of time of what happens essentially in your life. But that has also been done to whatever better suits you. My first year I did it weekly in a SMASH book and the second year- a 12x12 weekly format. I also decided to start on my birthday and not January like its generally done.

But with 2015, I chosed a 6x8 book and to start in January with monthly layouts not weekly. I know, I change it up every year, but this time I think I've found my method that works well. I would love to show you January through July but at this time, I even found while flipping through that it is a bit tender to see ...  we spent alot of time together and its filled with multiple memories.

So we'll begin with September, where my fresh start begins so to speak...

I always start with either a page or a space dedicated to saying what month it is. Perhaps a title page if you will. Another thing I haven't mentioned is that with my project life I am using just different lines for each month- no actual pocket scrapbooking papers- as I'm trying to use up my stash.  This month I'm using Maggie Holmes' Confetti line, and I'm actually trying to hoard this collection but being it's my birthday month- I had to use it!  

During this month I captured the memories of my cousin's wedding, which was great to have all my dad's side together. It's been a while since all 4 of the cousins have been home at once.  With my sister home, we went out for drinks at our hometown bar - I loved being able to have quality time with my sister, she always knows how to make me smile.  

I had to take a picture of my new fall Starbuck's cup, it just captured fall perfectly! Nothing makes it feel like fall more than a football game, I went to my hometown's homecoming game- fall weather and a great played game.  For my birthday, I spent the day enjoying drinks and food. Okay, I also did a little shopping. But it was the best way to ring in my 29th year. Celebrating ME on my special day.

Here's to a great new year...

xo Renee.

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