Thursday, September 3, 2015

Summer Vacation.

When all is said and done and we've parted our ways, I'm still left with the memories of our relationship. Even though you'd think it would be more upsetting for me to tackle the memories so soon, it's actually been sort of therapeutic. Yes, it may cause me to shed a tear but that doesn't mean I also don't think of a million good times also that make me smile. 

I've said Ive made a few pages since our parting, but I haven't show them yet so I thought I would post them.  

One of our last times together was actually his family's vacation to Missouri. And I had so much fun-they're such a great and loving family. We boated, swam, and fished for an entire weekend. Of course, I had to take pictures to document the fun. And I'm glad I did even more now- for all the obvious reasons. 

With both pages I used mostly Crates Poolside collection, which I can't get enough of! It fits so well with water and outdoors! 

Hope you enjoyed my pages! 

Now time to hit the gym.. I'll have to update you on my fitness soon! 
Xo Renee 

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