Sunday, January 17, 2016

He fits. He sits.

Have you ever made a layout and  hated it but never got rid of it? Okay. Maybe I'm the only one. But for some reason, I cant stand this layout I made about my sweet Blaize sitting in a bowl.

I reprinted the picture - here several months later- vowing to make a better attempt because I really hated the layout but loved the picture. (As we were carving pumpkins, Blaize crawled in to the bowl we were gonna use for seeds. I never seen a cat do that so -of course, I was highly amused and took thousands of pictures.)

Also the other day, I decided to go through my container of "scrap" paper I keep from previous layouts. I saw an idea months ago on how to make kits on what's left of your own supplies. So with my container of scraps- I threw together things I thought would coordinate in another project. I put those papers in a 2-gallon ziploc bag and pull them out when I have an idea in mind. 

So with those stories combined and inspiration sketch from Paper Issues- this layout came alive. A better layout for "He fits, he sits".

Never hesitate to try to document a picture another way if you're not happy. These are your memories!! Enjoy. 

Xo. Renee

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