Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Fitness in January.

It's a brand new year, so I figured I needed to really hit my fitness hard.  The greatest thing- I know I've written about it before- but is my new MAMBI Happy Fitness Planner.  It combines my worlds in one place- scrapbooking and fitness.

I've been kind of scratchy with the first two months I had it- okay, it's hard to hit fitness when there's the yummiest holidays in the world... in your first two months. So- the two months- went out the window. I'll be that crazy lady who starts in January with the rest of the world. But I promise- I won't be stopping in a few weeks. 

Here's my first week of January- don't judge- my eating habits are starting to change but I have moments where I go a little off the track. I always acknowledge what I did wrong- by adding frowny faces or BAD! by it. A reminder- don't do that sh!t again lady! I add inspirational stickers to keep myself motivated through the week. Goals on the side and miles total also. 

I don't log in my water consumption - it's all I drink- I'm clearly aware I drink enough of it. I though instead write down what I drink that isn't water so I know what other liquid calories I'm in taking.  

Also, I'm not sure if any of you follow MAMBI- but last time I wrote about my fitness planner I said that they should come out with just stickers for fitness. Who doesn't want more stickers!? Well in their winter CHA release- they came out with a fitness sticker pack and expansion kit for the planners! Guess what I'm buying? Can't wait.

I'm excited to see what 2016 brings me in my fitness. I've already signed up for a few races and have a few more I plan to do. I would love to get back to my desired body also. So hopefully it'll all come together this year. 

xo. Renee


  1. Hi, Renee! I found your blog through Scrap Our Stash Challenge but, like you, I'm also on a fitness journey. I've never been much on this new planner craze. I'm organized and I make my lists, etc., but never have found the planners out there to my liking. But, I LOVE the idea of this fitness planner! I have searched the internet over and cannot find the planner that you show in the picture, and I was wondering where you got it? From what little I can see of the picture, I think I like the page layout but would like to take a closer look. I looked on MAMBI's site and didn't see it. Is it one of their regular planner box kits and you just add the fitness extender pack? Any info you can share would be GREATLY appreciated! Thanks!

    1. Hi Tish!! It's the Fitness Planner that is sold in a box kit. I didn't see it sold on the website anymore unfortunately when I looked also. I got mine at Michael's, I'm not sure if Hobby Lobby has it or not. It has a red cover - I flipped mine around because I hate red. ;) Comes with stickers, and other knick knacks. They were in a middle display when I found it also. I see that they did make the expansion kits that you can add to regular Happy Planner which are pages of what's in the fitness planner. I'm sorry I'm not much help :( But hopefully it leads you in the right direction!!!

    2. Thanks for the info! I'll look at my local Michael's. It's been a while since I've been there because I usually complain about how they don't get anything new for what feels like forever and a day. Who knows? Maybe this time that will work to my advantage! Ha ha!! :) I watched the video on MAMBI website about the fitness expansion kits. In that video she mentioned that the kits like you got were a limited item and no longer being made, but you could get some of the expansion kits (each kit has 4 months) to add to their other planners. I will look at Michael's on the off chance I might find one of the box kits, but I'm thinking I'll have to go with the expansion kits. The pages look to be the same as the one in box kit so that works for me! Thanks for all your help and I wish you well on your scrapbooking and health journeys!