Sunday, April 10, 2016

All my Love.

I have been needing to write some blog posts about a few pages I have done; so I figured today would be a great day to show you this gem. 

I had started a page literally a year ago or so with this picture of my sweet boy but I had it tucked away. Something about it just wasn't working but I loved this picture so I hesitated to throw the page away. I kept pulling it out and looking - just someway I need to make it work.  Finally bit the bullet - gently pryed this picture slowly off its old background.  

I saw an example of a lovely page I wanted to lift, not even sure where it is now- so I apologize to the person whom I stole the look from. I wanted to use the pastels and Pumpkins coat kind of brought out a yellow tone. I off- layered some papers to form a background from multiple collections- all Crate brand though. Added some nature embellishments - and the title from the sticker sheet. 

This page is perfect to share with you today as its my dear Pumpkin's 10th birthday.  I know, I know- he's just a pet but to me- he's my world. There's always been something about our bond. He was in a case at the pet smart - the back where you can adopt local shelter animals- with his sister and brother. That day I had went to a few different shelters to find just the right kitten for me but no dice- when I saw him and his sibling, I fell in love with the little balls of ginger kitties. 

I played with his brother first then him, but when I took him out he just wanted to hide behind my leg- I told him it was okay little pumpkin. Ever since then it was love. We've lived together alone, always sleeping on the end of my bed- I brough him home when I moved back. Tore my heart apart to leave him when I went to be with men who I thought would be forever. But my parents agreed - he probably wouldn't do well to be seperated from Patches.  Every time I had my heart broken, moved back home to figure out my life again- one thing I never had to figure out was who would cuddle with me when I got back. I drive him crazy with my overwhelming love, but he probably wouldn't have it any other way. He's my world, all of my love. 

Xo. Renee 

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  1. Fabulous design!! LOVE the papers and products used!!