Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Fools 5k.

This past weekend I ran in another 5k. I know- look at me - I'm on fire. Okay, maybe not quite so much but I'm excited about all the races- that I just sign up for any of them that intrigue me. I just can't wait to get back in to it all. 

I have ran this race once before and even then - it wasn't my favorite. Maybe that's a giveaway that this one - just wasn't it.  What I do love is that they did move it from Saturday to Sunday - yes- last minute but the weather on Saturday was horrendous and I would have hated to battle the winds. I know people were mad but I commended Trekman Racing for making the correct call- people's safety should definitely be a priority. 

Sunday ended up being perfect weather for the race- not too much of a breeze and by the end it was nearly 60 degrees. Too bad I already had my chip timer attached to my front shirt- I'm sure it would have much better had I taken it off.  

The race was in a state park around a lake, which was great for views - fun for the fishermen I'm sure to watch us. Had two roundabouts also was an out and back so I definitely saw all the great people who finished before me. I'm not sure what it is about that- but for some reason - it always screws with my head. I'm clearly aware I'm not going to finish fast so it makes no sense.  Maybe I'm alone on that?

Just like any other race, my dad accompanied me down and took pictures. I'll spare you some of the real gems he caught ... he couldn't follow me for most of it- so the beginning and end is what I'm left with.  Anyways- back to the race- I just knew this race was going to be scratchy for me. I'm not sure why but my stomach was feeling off and I was lacking sleep.  So I did walk a few times when my stomach was telling me to do so.

Finally when I saw the sign that told us to sprint to the finish, I did just that - rounded the bend and under the finish line I crossed. That's where my real gem photos were taken that I won't show but sprinting with an upset stomach probably wasn't ideal.  

I got to plop down after my finish with some water and food from the stand. Half the food - I didn't finish but at least once I sat and stretched it out- I felt better.  

Although it didn't turn out to be my best, I did enjoy the chance nonetheless. I'm proud of Trekman for making a responsible choice to change the race- it made the race more bearable especially more so for others. I definitely will give the race another go- just next time- eat right and sleep right- perhaps run a few more times before to feel more confident. 

Another race at the end of the month, and I can't wait for this one- on the campus of the University of Northern Iowa with my sister by my side. I'm literally too excited!!

xo. Renee

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