Monday, April 25, 2016

What The Face?

Okay, I'm not sure how many runners follow me. But we all have that one race photo- where you literally are not even sure what you're doing in it. You're making some bad face... have some weird body pose, etc. etc. Well welcome to one of my new great race photos. Or the absolute worse.  

This race, as I've already recapped was not my best. Granted, by the end- just wanted to move along to something else. Coughing... trying to find water. And my dad captured this gem. Even my sister texted back- what is this face? - I would love to know also- I don't know what this face is. But I'm glad that everyone who sees/saw it- is highly amused. 


Either way, I wanted to scrap this picture. It can't all be sunshine and roses photos. I thought with my bright colors I was wearing- the Simple Stories Summer Vibes collection would work perfectly. Yes- its not a summer photo but roll with me.  I used a cut file from The Cut Shoppe- a great place for you to pick great cut files for your silhouette or circuit.  I picked which letters in the alphabet I wanted and traced- then paste to form WTF which I wanted instead of cutting all the letters. 

I had a ton of the journal cards left so I used bits and pieces of them to back behind the letters also used some of them as embellishments by fussy ..or crappy cutting them out. It was a great way to ween down my stash.  

I say WTF often, but at least this way I could use it in an appropriate way to scrap! What the face?!

xo. Renee.

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