Sunday, May 8, 2016

Race Bibs.

I am not sure why I haven't even written about this yet; but there's one thing I've done that's tied both my scrapbooking and running together! But before I get in to that- I wanted to apologize for being absent. I can't even make a logical excuse - I've been working and life happens but I'll pull my act together. 

Okay- but back to my original plan- I wanted to show you what I've done to tie my loves together! I'm not sure if I'm the only dork- haha- but I love keeping momentos from different occasions in my life. Racing is no exception. 

I have kept each race bib from all the different races I've signed up for. Some people hang them on the wall, some frame them- what do I do? I put them on a cordinating colored 12x12 paper with a photo of me from the race! 

I've started an album with all of them this far and can't wait to eventually fill it completely. It's fun to be able to look back at them all and remember- also to see how I've improved or lack there of. 

This is a great way to combine my favorite things and remember the memories of all the races.  I'm not sure how many other runners are following me- but how do you guys save your race bibs if you do??

Hope I inspired you on a great way to save memorabilia that is important to you!! 

Xo Renee 

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