Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Exciting things for June.

I have been thinking lately about all the different things I want to show on my blog. I wasn't sure how to go about it but I knew that some YouTube channels- (yes, because that's SO MUCH like a blog ...sarcasm) had different things for different days. So I was going to take that concept and give it my twist. 

I made a little diagram showing the line-up I'm hoping to follow starting June 1st. 

Clearly June starts on a Wednesday so it won't be started as normal with the beginning of the week, so Weekly Wednesdays will be taking a peek at my planner for the week. How I decorated it, showing my not-so-busy life, and what I'm using to put it all together.  I'll go more in to that on Wednesday in an introduction post of sorts about my planner.

Thursdays are #throwbackthursday and I'll be using old photos. I'm thinking 2015 and prior. No recent events. I'm hoping this will help with some of the supplies I have that I don't have recent photos for plus now that I'm back with my albums - I can scrap memories I haven't had access to for a while. Fitness Fridays- well, seems self explanatory. Taking this one day to go through what I've been up to fitness/running wise.

Stashbusting Saturday is when I'm hoping to make layouts using older supplies that I've been hoarding. I am trying to start June on a spend freeze so I can use up a big chunk of my supplies. Let's be honest, I definitely need a spot for new stuff- my containers are starting to puff up and be hard to close.  

Make Ahead Mondays are the days I show you what I'm doing to get a project ready. I am planning some mini albums as well as starting my project life for my 30th birthday in September. I can't wait to share with you ideas that I have brewing for that. 

And as always, I will be posting my Design Team posts. If they fall on a day in that schedule, they- of course- will take priority. I wont be posting on Tuesdays and Sundays.  Unless I feel jazzy. I 'll try to use those days to get posts ready for you during the week!  

I'm excited for what this summer holds for me. I'm trying hard to get my life on track, do things that excite me and live life to it's fullest.  Enjoy the ride with me! 

I'm always posting on Instagram and Facebook. Please join me there as well!! Share the blog- I want everyone to see what I'm up to! I also would love to hear from you- if you're doing these days with me- I would love to see!!  Or if you have anything you'd like to say or see - let me know - I'm always open!! 

xo. Renee 

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