Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Weekly Wednesday .01

I blogged a while ago about using the MAMBI (Me and My Big Ideas) Happy Planner Fitness verison for tracking my fitness needs earlier this year. Well that kind of fell to side although I still wrote in it what I did for workouts- I just didn't follow it for what I ate.  I just didn't have it around me 24/7 - and if you know me, I eat often also I forget 20 minutes later what I ate.  So by time I got to my planner- whew- all out the window. 

 As always though- I fall in love with the Happy Planners- so I'm giving it a go... again. Except with a general 18 month planner instead of Fitness based.  Although I did buy the fitness 5-pg sticker packet. Don't act like you're surprised. 

Here's the planner I picked :

Ain't she a beaut?
The inside is just is gorgeous with touches of gold foil on the dividers and flowers on all the calendar pages. I put in gold extender rings so I could add in various things as needed to my planner with out it exploding.   

Along with the planner- I fell in love with all sorts of other MAMBI planner supplies. So I may or may not have bought quite a bit of that. Here are a few examples of my favorite that I am excited to use! 

See a theme? Bright colors, Gold- perhaps? I can't get over it. Anyways, but it doesn't start until July and also I'm waiting until I get a pen that comes in a kit (yes, I'm that person.) that I ordered to arrive before I start plastering it with birthdays and events that are coming up. 

So hopefully that'll all begin by next week so I can starting showing you more specifically how I plan to use my planner! Each Wednesday I 'll show you in to the world of that week in my planner - I know a lot of people- including myself are very intrigued by planners so I'm hoping I can be as exciting as those I follow.  If not, I apologize far ahead of time. 

 All my supplies are bought at brick and mortar craft stores such as Hobby Lobby and Michael's but I can not say enough about the great service also at MAMBI. Hope you enjoyed my peek in to my planner world! I'll be back tomorrow with a Throwback Thursday post!! 

xo Renee

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