Thursday, June 2, 2016

Throwback Thursday .01

So I'm sorry that I'm a little late posting this but life knocks and I have to answer it. Either way, I'm here with my first Throwback Thursday "official" post.  So I told you before that my throwback posts are probably more like 2015 and back. Yes, 2015 is ... kind of the past lol... does it still work for throwing back?  Well hopefully you all shook your head yes.

Anyways , I would love to show you the page that I made.   


I know it's a bit silly but that's just how life with him was. Being dorks, it was kind of our thing. I'm pretty sure I probably did it first... but I put my hood up on my hoodie and pulled the strings all the way tight and this is the result. He joined me in silliness and quite frankly, my hoodie looks better. I just wanted to document this picture because even though it's been a while- and we're not together anymore- it serves as a great reminder of how being yourself is always best. Even if you look crazy, because when you find someone's craziness who is like yours- it's love. And face it, its a freaking funny picture.

I just can't get enough of Amy Tangerine's Better Together line- but it's winding down slowly and I thought it would work perfect with this page. I layered behind the picture with the cut aparts and splattered embellishments around it- tucking in tangled string behind pieces as well. I love always having a little cluster at the bottom of the page and at top- kind of like a diagonal balance of sorts.


I hope you enjoyed this Throwback. Even though we're not together, I still love that I can put together these memories. I had too much time living the moments before that I sometimes forgot that even the littler ones should be documented as well- because well, looking back on it now- they are the ones I often think of now that we're apart. If anything my advice- as a scrapbooker- don't forget to scrapbook the little moments besides the big celebrations. Those are the moments you either will forget or remember and wish you had them around again.

xo. Renee

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