Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Weekly Wednesday .02

Here I am again with Weekly Wednesday! 

I know that my planner won't start until July but all the jump starts I can get- I'm going to take!  I don't know about you but I'm a HUGE list person. Although - I don't always remember to keep said list or cross off things if I do them - it helps me remember what I need to do when I write it down somewhere. Also I always actually forget ideas I have all the time because I never write it down right away. One of the millions of reasons I need to utilize my planner more! 

So the one way I'm going to do that is with these Note Paper Add-ons that MAMBI makes for their planner! 

I already took a sheet and added it in to each week's spread til December. I think if each week has a little piece of paper there- I'm in a position to go ahead and write it down if it doesn't belong in a date slot.  For the first week of July- I already started by making a reminder list of things I need to do before a photo shoot in August. I know that it's still time away but this way I have plenty of time to find all the stuff I need. 

I put in marker the main idea of what I needed to do- and in pencil added other thoughts that may change. I got the marker in one of the Planner Kits I bought from the Studio Calico sale they had a few weeks ago and I love it! It doesn't bleed through the paper which is great :)

To make the list fun - I added bits of the washi from the MAMBI Washi set.  I love the bright colors- it's so fun and summer- I can't wait to fill the whole week!  

I don't want to wish my summer away  but I'm very excited to start this planner as well as my project life!  I need to find some fun projects to do in the mean time! 

Tell me how you are using your planners! I would love to gain more ideas!! As always- follow my instagram and pinterest for ideas I have shared! 

xo. Renee

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