Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Weekly Wednesday .03

It's so weird how it's almost July. Summer is literally going by so fast.

I got to be a bit honest. I feel like I haven't enjoyed it as much a I should be. I need to break out and spend more time out in the sunshine. I need to go on more adventures. That's what life is all about. I'm focusing too much on the future and not so much on the "now".

But while I'm thinking ahead of myself, I thought I'd share with you what I've done with my July spread.

I love so much the bright fun colors of the newer MAMBI supplies.  I can't get enough of it- and it's perfect for summer!  I have a lot of them linked up in my first Weekly Wednesday post- which are all tagged together.  On the side, I utilized the space to make list that deal specifically with the month.  Such as taking care of business a.k.a bills. And goals for the month- I used a few stickers from the fitness pack for that!  

My favorite idea that I'm including in my planner is pictures! I know- shut up- not a new idea. But I decided to put the person's / people's picture on the date that signifies importance.  This month in July - my beautiful sister and her husband got married 10 years ago on the 29th. I love this picture of them together. I printed it to the size of the square ( okay a little bigger ) and then took a 29 from the date stickers I have- placed  it in the corner.  I'm hope to add more pictures along the way but I think this is a very cute start!   

Also I am planning to show you how each month spread ENDS up looking like!  So this is the beginning of a crazy July!

xo. Renee

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