Monday, June 6, 2016

Make Ahead Monday .01

There's one project that I'm super excited about starting!

You're probably all thinking I'm crazy, in which- I probably won't argue it with you- but I'm excited about starting my Project Life.  Again- you're probably making a confused face. "Why haven't you started it yet? It's the middle of 2016."  Well I'll let you in on a secret- I kind of forgot to get it started in January. It was all prepared- I was sure that I liked a paper collection I was going to use all year through. But I just wasn't excited, I didn't have a life- so it fell to the wayside.  

Anyways! A few years back, I did Project Life starting on my birthday in a SMASH book. (Remember that craze?)  I did weekly spreads and it went really well! I tried again with the same concept in a 12x12 PL album, I thought it went pretty well for the most part- maybe it was too big for me so it was hard to finish because I simply didn't have enough pictures. Last year - I started in January in a 6x8 book and did monthly spreads. I loved it!  Was small enough, didn't feel I needed to have something to document EVERY week.

Which brings us to this year-  I'm excited to be starting it on my birthday!

The beginning of my "Dirty Thirties".

I already have some great things in the making for my 30's so I'm very excited to take a shot at documenting it all in a project life.

For this album, I'm using 6x12- which I'm hoping will be perfect - the more I look around the more I wish I had picked up a 9x12. I picked up a few packets of the only set of 6x12 I could find and cut down some 12x12 sheets I had. <-- for="" instagram="" nbsp="" p="" thanks="" the="" tip="">
I also may or may not have stocked up on multiple Studio Calico kits from their sale a few weeks ago. I just love the style of their cards! After so much inspiration from Pinterest and Instagram- I also have so many more ideas on how to use them.  Check out from the side menu my Pinterest board and Instagram!

Another thought I had was to maybe document by moments rather than time segments. So if I had a million moments in 1 week and none in months- it wouldn't matter.  Again, I'm just very excited I know I didn't show a lot of pictures but I just wanted to get it out!

I want you guys to fill me in on all your awesome trials with Project Life/Pocket Scrapbooking. Maybe your ideas will inspire me to take turns with this project that I didn't know I would try!  I can't wait to show you pieces of this. Also please check out my Project Life tag- I have work from the past year's book in various past entries!

xo. Renee

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