Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Weekly Wednesday .04

I can't even begin to explain that I'm excited to see July out the window.  The month was filled with so much hectic family crisis' and I'm happy to say we're on the positive side - I'm hoping- of all the situations that we've encountered. 

So when I flip back to my planner, I got right down to decorating August proudly. I sort of let go of July when it came to my planner as well. I didn't want to document the events, nor what I ate. Plainly because I didn't want to remember- nor was I eating/exercising much at all. 

I love the bright colors. I had to make it fun and happy! Granted not a lot is happening this month- but at this point, that's completely okay with me! So I've been doodling my mileage on the dates  as well as other appointments. It's seeming to be rather blank so far. But I'm hoping by the end of the month- maybe it'll look a little different! I'll have to post comparing shots. Or maybe not. 

Also along the side, I like to post what bills I have to pay as well as goals I have to accomplish. I know if I check them off I'll remember to do it.  Kind of. 

This is a sample of what my week looks like. I like to write down what I eat all day, to hopefully hold myself accountable to eat better. Plus if I write it down, and I eat badly- I tend to eat better the next day because I remember writing how crappy I ate. I also split the last box of the day in to two- top which I put my work out and the box under- I put my hours.  At the end of the week- I am able to see how many hours I worked as well as how many miles I ran all together.  Which I total as well on the side. 

I love having my planner... It's letting me see my life spread out in front of me. Holding me accountable for so many things I have going on.  I'm hoping this continues strongly for the rest of the month! 

I also have cute list and layout coming for my planner next time! You'll love it! Well- at least I do!! :) 

xo. Renee

Do you guys use a planner? How do you utilize it?! 

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