Friday, December 11, 2015

2014 December Memories.

I have been showing you throwbacks of the beginning of 2015's PL; I thought before I show you what I have done for December- I would show you last years December "Not-so" Daily.  I actually haven't completed it, I kind of put it together early before December approached- so I have tons of blank spots that I thought I'd be able to fill.  I haven't added any journaling and there are some pictures I do know I could add. Just may have to arrange the book differently so it makes more logical sense.  ( Note- it's great to try to get something semi- done before so you can throw it together quickly but the negative side is- you have no idea what the month will throw you. Therefore, its a mess. Ha. ) 

The cover and title page. I used a SNAP burlap 6x8 binder and glued my own embellishments on to the cover.  

I thought it would be cool to have a wish list. (We didn't fill it out-lamesauce- but I love the page.) No book is complete without at least one selfie.

Just capturing the normal winter activities- cookies, red cups at Starbucks, sledding and crazy Target shenanigans. 

We decorated our house for the holidays- one thing I loved about it was the banister for the stockings. So cute, even had little stockings for the bearded dragons. John did an awesome garland in our dining room of his collection of Star War annual ornaments. Santa made a list that he needed to check twice... and I creeped on him at the mall. 

Mailed off our cards, got to meet a live reindeer, spotted Santa on the street corner ( you interpret that how you wish ), and we opened our presents from people far away.

Best part of all, was celebrating with family. I was lucky to have dated a man who also had a wonderful family and time together with all family left me with great memories.  Last years holiday season was one for the books, and thankfully- it was the one year I made a mini December album. <3 p="">

Hopefully you enjoyed and I inspired your layouts for this year!

Happy Holiday Season to you! 

xo. Renee

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