Tuesday, December 8, 2015

2015 May + June.

Today I'm bringing you May and June of my 2015 Project Life. Only one more and we should be all caught up with my crazy PL. Also I have scheduled a post of my 2014 December Memories, hopefully it'll provide you some inspiration and enjoy looking at some holiday greatness during the month of December :).

Oh the month of May, how I enjoyed you so. My sister- I've said how great she is a few times before I 'm sure- but I can't say it enough. She decided to run in the Tinkerbell 1/2 Marathon at Disneyland, and the best part about it- she decided to invite me! I haven't been to either Disney Parks, and quality time with my big sister- how could I say no?! I had the greatest time ever, I'll have to post pages from that on a whole 'nother post. But I started the month out with memorabilia and pictures from the trip!

Again, no month is complete with out the adventures of Blaize. There are no measures this cat won't take to catch a bug. Jumping from the banister to the door- (yes, Blaize, this would so work...*rolls eyes*) but for some odd reason, he did manage to stay hanging from the moldering around the door.  Before trying to save him, I had to take a picture ( the scrapbooker in me ).  Also, we planted a small garden , visited my mom after her knee replacement surgery (she'll love that I posted this ), and we took a trip to a beach in which I got fried. 

The month of June was just clearly a bunch of randomness. Great time with friends, whom now I miss dearly, I'm so glad I had such great co-workers!  I also got raced by a rabbit at the school's track. Of course, he won... hence the epic fail.

JT and I enjoyed a great date to the i-Cubs game and Zombie Burger in Des Moines. I can't say enough about the great food - or the Fruitty Pebble milkshake. I crave them all the time now! So delicious! Also- no month is complete without a Blaize moment- seriously, the cat has no fear.  Especially when it has to do with bugs or John. 

Hope you enjoyed the first part of this summer, I'll be coming back with the next two months soon!! :)

xo. Renee

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