Monday, November 28, 2016

Sweet Family Hugs.

Can't stop, won't stop.....with my endless post from the Paper Issue's Fall Crop. I really should've spread these out all month long, but my head has been in a hundred other places than the blog. It's really a goal I want to work on in the coming new year to blog on a more respectful schedule. But back to the topic at hand, everything Paper Issues, as always. I really should.... stop being addicted but I have issues.  

This challenge was the Fan Favorite; all items that the group had picked in various polls were selection to be put together in one page. White cardstock, one photo, ephemera, color blue, something striped, gold accents, and >10 words in journaling.  Okay, I'm on it Kelly.

I again, went digging in my scraps and stash for something I could use together. I found what I had left of the Amy Tangerine's Better Together line- perfect for this picture of my sister and her daughter!  I never know how to use rub-ons, but I get them everytime- you never know when you'll make a layout that needs rub-ons. In this case, I found a layout on pinterest that had a design similar to this using rub-ons- so I lifted the idea for this page! I built foundation for the picture to be on the bottom,  outlined the edge softly with a pencil- than proceeded to basically "rub on vomit" all over the page focusing on the center.  I think it turned out pretty awesome!

I journaled along the outer edge of the paper about the great relationship of my sister and her daughter. They go on girl dates all the time, it makes this aunt a bit jealous!! I would love to join them!! This was right before they went to a Meghan Trainor concert... my niece knows so much popular music. I must have been seriously deprived as a child.

This page turned out so fun and colorful, I love it! Come join me on the Paper Issues Facebook page!!

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