Sunday, November 6, 2016

Girls Night Out.

I think this will be my last scrapbook page from my 30th birthday. I swear I'm done talking about it!

After shopping with my family for the day, I ended the night with a few drinks with my best friend. Gosh, I can't even begin to explain what this girl means to me! She has gone through so many trials in her life and finally some of her dreams are coming true! I can't even begin to explain how happy I am for her! If anyone deserves life to go right, it's her!

I was able to finally use these stickers which I was so excited about! I've been needing a girl's night out to finally be able to use them! I love the vintage soda bottles and such- the balloon in the corner - my absolute favorite sticker from the sheet! I had to fit it in some how :) With this collection, I just bought the cut apart sheet as well as the pattern one in the back- now I wish I maybe had bought more. An excuse for more girls night out right?? 

But I love that I was able to utilize so much of the cut apart sheet and embellishments - I didn't need to really have any more of the other paper. I was also able to include some scraps I had laying around as well as other stickers that matched perfectly with this collection! 

It's unfortunate that our lives have been so busy lately between work and family lives; we're both in dire need of some girl time - hopefully sometime very soon! 

x.o. Renee

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