Monday, March 21, 2016

Endless Summer.

Okay, so I did another re-do! I know- its like all I do now but I have so many new fun ideas for pictures I've done in the past. I just want to do it again!  I'm now reaching the end of one of my favorite collections by Crate Paper - Poolside.  I can not say enough about how much I love the bright colors- the fun embellishments- how can you not want to hoard it?!  Okay, I'm done- I rave about scrapbooking supplies endlessly and not enough about the page.

I knew I wanted to re-do this picture of me and my sweet pup Sienna from a pool swim we did a few years ago.  Our town on the last day it's open, let's the last hours be for the pups in town to take a swim.  Raises money for the Animal Rescue Shelter in our town.  Sienna just can't get enough of splashing around all over and doggy paddling in the deeper ends for everyone else's toys but her own.  
Also not going to lie- I love this picture of myself also as it was when I was back in my prime running body, haha. Can I have that back now? Thanks.   

Hope you enjoyed this page!! 

xo. Renee

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  1. LOVE this page! And what a great idea re-do some of your favorite photos! and I love this collection so much and had totally forgotten I've got it somewhere too ... never used it so I guess it's time to start looking for it! Thanks for the inspiration!