Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Sweet Life.

If you've followed my blog long enough - you know my one of my favorite things in the world is Paper Issues.  It's an online store- based in Missouri which is like a hop skip and jump to Iowa. Kind of, but Cassie's shipping sure makes it feel that way!  Besides having an amazing store- they have an awesome facebook group as well- Paper Issues Friends and Family !!  This weekend they hosted a Spring Crop- I wish I would have posted this sooner so you could have joined the fun!! I barely had a chance to participate as well- so much going on this weekend!! ( More on that as well. )

But I had a chance to do a couple of the challenges- this one is for their challenge " But first, let me take a selfie." Which of course- had to feature a selfie- or be a page about yourself. Bingo- selfies- got plenty. Let me print one of those bad boys and make a page! I love the new collection by Amy Tangerine- Better Together. Of course, like anything else- I've mentioned it before. But you enjoy it- so let me tell you again- I love it. The retro embellishments of great things that go together so well- I just can't get enough of them alone. Just reminds me of happy high school - Saved By the Bell type of things.  Which I'm also a huge fan of :) Shocker. 

I took a picture of me ... selfie.. from the gym. My hair was crazy- thought it was funny- let me snap that quick and save it. Never know when those may be handy- such as now when  you want to scrap bad and you have hardly any pictures but of yourself.  It works.  I think any girl- well- anyone in this generation is a great selfie pro. I'm not sure even what is amusing about this- I will be honest. Half the time- I look like crap and who loves the double chin when you first flip the camera? Yeah not me. ( Great work out motivation though! ) Sometimes though- I do capture a great selfie... in the gym bathroom and I have to use it. 

I also used a ton of embellishments in this layout- fun and fabulous. Some pop dots to make other things ... pop. Snazzy product name there.. I see how it came about now ;) Splattered some ink. Just wanted it to be colorful and fun! I am trying hard not to use all this collection all at once but I can't get enough of it! What else I've noticed- I have tons of leftovers from Amy Tangerine's Finders Keepers which seems to mesh well also with this line. Perfect way to slowly use all the supplies. 

Hope you enjoy this layout- sorry it was so late but go take a look at the Paper Issue's Facebook group! Wonderful group of people who have Paper Issues, among other issues ;) Just like me!  Also the challenges will still be in the album- even if you can't upload them before the end of the day- you should take a shot at them! They are a great way to inspire you to start a page!! 

xo. Renee

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