Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Happy Birthday.

Again, I'm getting inspired by all sorts of challenges online. I'm just surprised it took me this long to find all these scrapbook challenge blogs or weekly challenges on other blogs. They are so helpful when you're in a bind to figure out how to use a particular picture or you're sick of looking at the same layout you do for every page. Although, this particular sketch is kind of similar to what I already do- hence you've probably seen me do pages that look a lot like the said one below but- shhh, it's like Shimelle said- "The loveliness of sketches: use them once, use them twice, use them a dozen times and still come up with something that looks new "

So since I already mentioned Shimelle- that's where I found this sketch and challenge!  I took it... and turned it.... and kinda flipped it. So I hope it still looks somewhat like the sketch.

I want to use up what was left of my Maggie Holmes Confetti line but I didn't know how exactly I wanted to go about it and how many pictures do one have from birthdays? Okay, maybe it's just me that doesn't.  I kind of had a light bulb moment to go to the past instead of recently. Don't judge me, I sometimes forget that I took pictures in the past! I tend to focus so much on pictures within like a recent time period that completely overlook anything before 2 years ago. 

So I found this picture from my 19th birthday... I just love pictures from this night because it was the last time that all of my girls were together at once.  I know that some of them weren't necessarily great friends with others but I loved having them all there with me. It was the first time also we were all kind of out on our own, allowed to kind of rebel it up. Oh the days to be young again!  It also makes me reflect on the friendships I've had with each of these ladies- they are all so important to me and big parts of different times in my life. Isn't this what scrapbooking about? Capturing memories- well , this page certainly does it for me! 

Hope you enjoyed the page!! I loved putting it together!!

xo. Renee


  1. Love your layout with all these bits and pieces.

  2. This is so pretty, Renee! I love the big numbers and the embellishment clusters. :)