Thursday, September 1, 2016

Here comes September!

It's September!! Bust out everything Pumpkin 🎃. Okay- maybe not quite yet but it is a brand new month! Which means I want to show you the monthly spread at the beginning. 

Oh did I mention my birthday is this month?? I absolutely love gold and pink. So I was ecstatic to see in the MAMBI new season sticker book- which is jammed packed with amazing stickers for all year to jazz up your planners- that the stickers for birthdays were all sorts of pink and gold. I didn't hesitate to plaster the whole month with every sticker. 

I also took one of the list pad sheets and decorated it a little with the birthday stickers. I wanted a place I could write down all the present emails I would receive so I'd remember to use them all! Give me all the free foods! 😝 ( please tell me I'm not the only one who gets excited about these things! ) 

Did I mention I'm turning 30? Let the craziness begin! September will be a crazy month!! 

Xo. Renee

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  1. Hi! I came here from the MAMBI Happy Planner Facebook group!

    I love the idea of using one of the list pad sheets to make a spot for the birthday emails. I know I always forget to use mine and it would be a wonderful idea for mine next month. :)

    Happy birthday!