Monday, January 9, 2017

Mix It Up Monday @ Paper Issues!

It's Mix It Up Monday at the Paper Issues Facebook Group. The challenge was to use gesso and some acrylic to create a messy fabulous page! I am always down to try my hand at some mixed media. 

I was so excited that I did start this page early- trying to be ambitious and all. I took some different alphas that I wanted to use up and spread them in groups on the white card stock. Took some clear gesso and covered them up, kind of act like a stabilizer plus preps them for the acrylic and watercolor I'd place on top! Well, so I sat there- I wanted to cover the alphas with white acrylic paint- okay, I love to paint. I know somewhere in this house I have a HUGE bottle of white paint. I think I've torn this place nearly apart but of course, I can't find it. So my page sat there looking at me, for nearly a week- before I was able to go get some.  Did I mention I live in a small town?  Yeah, it sucks.

Anyways I was able to complete it with the white paint, as well as some smudges of watercolor spread around the page. I used a picture of me with both of our animals that I messed with in the PicArt app. They are never this close together so of course, we couldn't miss taking a picture while we had the opportunity. I used bits and pieces of multiple collections but mostly Crate Paper's Cool Kid. It was nice to get rid of some stash... 

So that means I'll need to buy some stuff soon ;) Those new lines are coming and I'm so excited!! Use the code Renee for 20% off  if you love a great savings and amazing service!

 xo. Renee

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