Monday, January 30, 2017

Project Life Fitness Style @ Paper Issues.

I'm up on the Paper Issue's blog with my first post! How exciting right?!?!  I'm going to do basically the same post over here, I hope you all don't mind reading it twice. ( Assuming you read both blogs right?!?! - If you don't , go subscribe to their blog .. or subscribe to mine, of course!) 

Well if you've been following me at all in the recent months, you know I've decided to do a 6 x 12 project life this year- starting at the summer before my 30th birthday.  I've shown a few of my pages but I know I'm drastically behind on that. I'll have to throw some of those post up for you! 

I wanted to make a page documenting my fitness that I've been reboosting. I know you've been kept up the loop with my planner pages and photos already but now I've thrown the photos into scrapbook form.  I used the #Whatever line by Simple Stories, I just think it's so me. The hashtags, crazy sayings and the colors are perfect!  I also think it works so well with the photos I jazzed up on the PicArt app.

I'm just so excited on so many levels. I'm excited to be part of a great team of girls that I've admired from afar - they're so helpful and kind. And representing a store that I couldn't be more obsessed with makes me proud. Also with my fitness, I've done so well omitting the holidays as well as the random snowstorms. I can't wait to get outside but I'm having a blast getting in shape and actually look forward to it each day. 

I hope you enjoyed my page as well as the close ups. Inspire you to bust out your supplies and start up a Project Life. It doesn't need a kit club or famous names- it just needs a few cut apart sheets of paper or not even. It just needs photos of your everyday life moments you want to capture! 

But any supplies you need- I hope you go to Paper Issues to pick them up! Their service is one -of-a-kind and with my name Renee- you can save 20%. 

xo. Renee

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