Monday, March 27, 2017

Mixing Collections @ Paper Issues!

Because I'm the ditz I am, I had this post all pretty- written but I forgot to hit publish! Lord, help me. It's been one of those weeks... I'm crawling through everything.  So I hope you enjoy this even though it's been posted on the Paper Issues' blog already.

I decided I wanted to do a page using what was left of my Hey Mister Collection by My Mind's Eye. So as I'm strolling through the collection- I realized that the navy blue tone would look really good with the navy blue in the Cocoa Vanilla's Wild @ Heart. Why not mix them? 

My inspiration was the man lifting weights, I thought it would be so cute to use! I decided to use this picture of me from the gym- "working out..hard" clearly! Who doesn't enjoy a good gym mirror selfie?? Anyways!!  I love to cluster my embellishments so I took bits and pieces from both collections, trying to distribute them evenly throughout the page. The alphas are from Shimelle's Go Now Go Collection - the copper look to the letters worked with the foil bits in the Hey Mister. 

I love how that even though Hey Mister is a pretty masculine collection and Wild @ Heart is fairly feminine that together they worked so well!! I guess that means I should be mixing lines I wouldn't have more often!

Doing this page just reminded me that I need to get my ass back to the gym. I think between illness and work... the last thing I've wanted is to work out but I know at the end of the day, it does make me feel better. I feel physically as well as mentally better. Just got to get back on my horse, hopefully with the nice weather coming, it'll be much easier! At least that's what I tell myself, Ha.

Hope you enjoyed my page! I challenge you to try to use two lines together you never would have normally and see what comes of it! It'll probably be gorgeous! If not, you may need to go back to the Paper Issue's store and buy some more goodies!!  Remember to use the code RENEE to save yourself 20% on your purchase! A great excuse to buy more right?? 

xo. Renee

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